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Happy Birthday, Susanna!

Today, October 22nd, we are celebrating our Paper Craft Planet leader, Susanna Boyd’s, birthday with a week-long Blog Hop celebration that every member on the Paper Craft Planet can participate in!
Just like last year, the Super Novas got together and each made a special birthday gift for Susanna’s birthday.  In honor of this momentous occasion, we invite everyone to join in the hop and post a birthday greeting!
For Susanna, I made a Finnish Star.  There are some video instructions that I followed here.  It would be fun as a Christmas Tree Ornaments too … Give it a go!
So, join us for Susanna’s birthday party celebration from October 22nd that ends on October 28th.
Hey, if you’d like to play along and give Susanna some birthday wishes, just create a card or a little giftie, post it to your photo gallery with the tag SBOCT22 (exactly as typed).  We’ll create a slideshow on the Planet Blog post that you can refer back to.
Okay for those of you who want the abridged version of the You Tube Tutorial of the Finnish Star, here’s what I did:
6 strips (well actually 12 strips, you need two stars):
Twist, Twist, Twist:
Do it Again …
Place them facing each other:
Trim the edges:
It looks nice either way … Fun.  It reminds me a bit of those s.
Alright … go have some fun & be sure to wish Susanna a Happy Birthday!

Fran•táge: Bronzed Mica Fragments

It’s another Fran•táge Friday at Paper Craft Planet, brought to you by Stampendous.

This week’s technique, using the new Fran•táge line of stamps, is having some fun with the new Fran•táge Bronzed Mica Fragments.  I am totally taken with these metallic embellishments & stamps.

First, the stamps. I used Friendship Assortment Perfectly Clear Stamps and the Fairy Queen Clear Stamp Set.  Other supplies included a Paper Doily, &  a box of chocolates.  And do no forget the Bronzed Mica Fragments.  Ooh la la, I love that stuff.

Okay, let’s get started:

Emboss the doily.  If there’s some unwanted stray embossing powder, just remove the it with a brush before you heat set it.  It does help if you rub the doily with a dryer sheet or an embossing buddy to cut down on the static & have a nice clean image.

Paper doilies are delicate so I found it handy to use a clipboard when you heat set the embossing powder.

Okay, now brayer that doily.  I used a celery colour.

Glue the doily to the box AND also glue (I used Crystal Effects Adhesive) to the top so you can adhere the Fragments.

Brayer a Doily for the bottom of the box too.

Okay, after shaking & gently tapping the Bronze Fragments onto the box, you’ll want to pump up the image a bit.  So stamp & emboss a few more of the Fairy image & cut it them out to layer onto the box with dimensionals.

And there ya go, a simple box of chocolates becomes simply fun.

My rainy day photos don’t do the Bronzed Mica Fragments justice — they absolutely sparkle!

After making this project, I wanted to do more with these Bronze Fragments.  I walked around my home & looked at everything I could glitter up.  I found a little inexpensive glass vase in a drawer.

I put Glossy Accents glue & made a thin coat onto the glass.  Then I sprinkled the

Bronze Mica Fragments on.  Then I covered the fragments with a hi-lustre Mod Podge.  I balanced the vase on a screw driver to dry.

While the vase was drying I used the Friendship Assortment Perfectly Clear Stamps on celery paper & adhered that to some cork punched with a grommet.

And a blah vase becomes something that I love to have out in my home.

And that’s this week’s “Flowers & Chocolate” Fran•táge Friday … fun with doilies & Mica Fragments.

Want to win some free stamps? Leave a comment AT PAPER CRAFT PLANET before September 23rd, Eastern Time. After that, we’ll pick a winner through and announce that lucky duck on the next Fran•táge Friday.

Bonne Chance!

Thanks so much to Stampendous for sponsoring this fun event!

Fran•táge Friday: Jewelry Holder Form

Fran•táge Friday: Paper Craft Planet

Each Friday, Paper Craft Planet shows you a technique using the new Fran*tage line of stamps from Stampendous. So much fun.

You can win all the stamps demonstrated, just by leaving a comment!

Today’s lesson is using gesso, crackle paint & some fabric, along with some beautiful stamps from Stampendous.

Sometimes slick surfaces can be tricky with Crackle Paint, but this Shabby Chic technique creates a 3D jewelry holder in the shape of a mini dress form & gets around that issue:

Okay let’s start.  Raid your daughter’s Barbie doll collection.

Step 1: Use a bit of tissue to cover her up (so the tape doesn’t stick to the doll) and then use duct tape to tape over top.  I believe this is Belle that Liam found in Emma’s room.

Step 2: Cut off the duct tape with one cut up the back.

Step 3: Tape the back closed.  Stuff the form.  Add a stand.  For a stand, I folded over some floral wire.  You could use bamboo sticks and a plasticine base.

Step 4: For the arms, I used a plastic chop stick, but once again any dowel or bamboo stick would be fine.

Step 5:  For the skirt, stamp some fabric with StāzOn Ink.  Sew along 1 side and gather the stitch.

Stamps used for this project can be found here, from Stampendous:

Cling Music Score

Cling Heart Friends

Cling Bird Frame

Step 6: For the embellishments, stamp on some grunge board.  It embosses really well and is much more hardy than regular card stock.  You can use distress ink & colour the grunge board.  Because the sentiment is embossed, the distress ink will rub off of the embossed area.

I had grunge board in heart shapes, but I just cut it to a straight edges.

Step 7: You can use old travel tags.  If they are roughed up a bit the Tim Holtz distressing ink will settle darker in the creases.

Step 8: Use super stick tape and ribbon on the backs of the stamped images.

Step 9: Okay back to our dress form.  You’ll need to make a gesso papier maché over top of the duct tape form.  This is where the slick surface prep comes into play:

Step 10: What on earth is gesso … it’s like a white glue that prepares the surface of your medium.  In your craft store, wander out of the scrapbooking isles & head toward the paint section.  Look for a dude with a big fro & that’s the gesso.

By painting the form with gesso, then adding paper towel & then painting over top of the paper, it creates a maché.

Step 11: Paint it on, you may need a couple of coats, just make sure you cover up all the duct tape.

Step 12: Don’t skip the gesso step.  Why?  Without a prepared surface crackle paint will COMPLETELY chip off.

Step 13: Let it dry.  About a bike ride to the park & playtime on the tire swing with 2 kindergarteners.

Step 14: Then for a nice texture, add some Tim Holtz crackle paint.  There are a bunch of colours you can choose from.  This took a bit longer to dry, because it was humid in the garage.

Step 15: Just put it all together and hang jewelry!
Have fun with this one!

Want to win the stamps used in this tutorial? Comment HERE (click the link — comments on the linked blog post count. Comments here are just nice) and let us know what technique you’d like to learn. You have until Thursday at midnight, Eastern Time. After that, we’ll pick a winner through and announce that lucky duck on the next Fran*tage Friday.

Good luck!

Thanks to our good friends at Stampendous for sponsoring this event!

Edited:  Here is the winner folks, congrats, JasminePatrick:

Carrousel Mobile

This week’s Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, #85, is the lovely musical State Fair.  I adore musicals.  I think it started when I saw those classics on TV as a kid (Wizard of Oz, South Pacific, Grease … ).

It was a lazy, rainy day here, and I was looking at the movie on You Tube & thinking of fun summer Fairs & I thought I’d make a Mobile:

Not too fancy.  I looked online at many different well balanced mobiles & the math behind it, but then I cheated & just went with easy.

The top of the carrousel is a circle cut out of American Crafts HEAVY Glittered CS.

Cut into a “pac man” shape. :D

And then pull the circle in & adhere so it becomes kind of a cone shape.

Then some scalloped punch action.

Adhered with tape.

I could have left it there, but being that it was a mobile & you would see the ugly under side of that, I cut out two more circles.  The larger of which, I cut some darts/fringes.  The smaller circle was the one I used to hang the ribbon on, so it was just easier for me if I did that separately.

Some seldomly used, but loved Sizzix Die Cuts.  I love these old things, they can cut through fabric, heavy CS … no problem.

My CS, was 1 sided glitter, so I flipped the paper & cut it twice, in order to tape the two haves together & have a place to hide the ribbon coming down.

My youngest was watching me pain-stakingly cut little triangles … “MUM, why not use the star punch, it has triangles on it”.  BRILLIANT CHILD OF MINE.  Simple is best, wtg Liam, you just saved me a bunch of tediousness.

The “chain” was from the Dollarstore, I think it was meant for making jewelry.  I tied a knot in it so that it stayed in place.  The knot is hidden anyway.

Origami Purse Video

Well, here’s my first “go” at a video tutorial.  I was playing around with this idea from last year’s Origami Mommy blog entry and loved how it turned out.  Here is my take on her purse-basket.  I am thankful to say that I didn’t knock over the video camera that I had perched over top of me, despite being distracted by my youngest & also our 10 month old 50 pound puppy, Sparkle.  Hope you have fun with this “long video” & it inspires you to give it a go!

Sparkly Strawberries

So I popped over to Heather’s Stamping Haven here in frosty Ottawa today & saw this BE-UUUUU-Tiful American Crafts Glitter Card Stock.  The peel stickers are Geo Shaped Sparkler’s from Stampendous, with a slight yellow hue.  Really glittery, almost holographic.

As soon as I saw glitter paper, I knew I wanted to use this Strawberry Box Pattern from PaperScrapz. I first saw this pattern a few years ago & loved it.

So the Papers are standard 12″x12″ & with the print out, you could get at least 9 strawberries, probably more like 12 if you cut a little more carefully.  Cut the pattern & then score & punch the Card Stock.  I cut out the print out first, then put a bit of “not so sticky” tape on it & pasted it to the non-glittery side.  Works better, no mess & don’t have to print out on the good card stock.

I find with this Glitter Paper, being that it is such a thick Card Stock, you need to use a marker & colour the edges so the white doesn’t show through.

Okay, onto the green stems, don’t forget to colour those edges too.

Then glue/tape the tab in place & lace up the strawberry, using embroidery thread or whatever.

I punched an extra hole in the top of the stem, so I could add a button & tie a bow.

Add your stickers or you could use pearl drops or whatever to mimic the seeds of a strawberry.

Now these little boxes are so tiny, you could put anything in.  They’d be great for Valentines for children’s classes.  I’m thinking for Emma’s class, maybe jelly beans or red hot cinnamon hearts.  I’ll have to talk to her about it.  The boys … I’m not sure if they’ll be up for making these, but maybe just eating the candy.

I thought the gold wrapped chocolates looked yummy … oh shoot, peanut butter … can’t give those out at schools, maybe for the neighbourhood kids.

Ferrara Roche gold wrapped chocolates would look wonderful too, just the right size.

That’s it … Give it a try!


Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #39 is the AWESOME movie, “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  I think we studied it in high school too, but that’s a bit of a blur.

Okay, I really adored Scout from this movie.  I’m not sure why, but she really stood out, which is tremendous for this little girl, cast opposite the incredible Gregory Peck.  Anyhoo, that’s where I started at for inspiration for my card.  Here she is in one of her gingham shirts & overalls.  Sweetie.

I’ve done step cards before, but this is a Side Step Card.  I first saw it over here at CraftDoc, with a wonderful tutorial on this funky style of card.  I had a houndstooth patterned paper, not gingham, but there ya go.  Oh yes, & I only had a handful of different stick kids, so yes, they are carefully repeated.

It folds up quite nicely & I think it would mail well.

And to give you an idea of the mountain & valley folds, here’s a side view:

Be sure to check out craft doc’s detailed tutorial, but here are the basic numbers:

Used:  White CS, Holiday Treasure DSP, All God’s Children Stamp Set (SU retired), Versafine Black Onyx Ink, Clear Embossing Powder, Copic Markers, Stampin Up Basic Grey Marker, All Night Media Sign Post Stamp, Raffia, Buttons from my stash.

Mugshot Messages

Paper Craft Planet’s Weekly Colour Challenge, #22, (tag: PCPcolor22).  Black, White & as many greens as you want.  Okay!  Here’s the inspirational photo from Millie Dawson-Hardy’s UK adventure last week.

Only another couple weeks left of school in Ottawa & I’ve got to get crackin’ on gifts for the teachers.  I LOVED the Teacher Appreciation creation of Susanna Boyd “mugshot” message style, and I seem to be on a Starbook kick lately.  With that in mind, here’s what I have for the challenge.  

There are many great tutorials on Starbooks like this one by Sheila Weaver, using a pop-out style.  With her tutorial in mind, I made my star book with circle pop outs, rather than rectangle.  

Sheila’s tutorial is great, so below is just how I put on the circle pop outs. So start with the 5 Card Stocks of 5″x8″ CS’s folded every 2 inches, so at 2″,4″,6″. Then along the middle fold, place a 1 1/4″ circle punch out for a guideline and cut for even slits.

I found the easiest way for me to cut even slits is by using a Coluzzle.  You can line it up along the fold & make 4 slits:

and then you punch out the circle

Now go grab a separate piece of CS & stamp whatever design or sentiment you want (I don’t know why I didn’t use my Cercle d’amitié, sorry Madame) & put slits in that too.  I used another bigger punch here, the 1 3/4″, as a guideline to where the slits needed to be.  Punch out the circle & fold in half. 

Then carefully align the slits in the CS.  It’s a bit figity.  

Okay do that with all of the 5 CS & you have this:

Okay, so you’ll need backings to all of these pop outs.  Those are 5 of 5×8″, each folded in half & adhered to these ones.  Just put on a bit of sticky tape, about an inch in from the sides.

Stick 1 side & then just fold the other side over & it should line up just fine:

and now you have the 5 points, all with backs on them:

Okay stick those together, & it forms a kinda book, the star book.  :)  

Add your cover & decorate with pictures (Once again, I used the Teacher Appreciation creation of Susanna Boyd “mugshot” message style, ’cause it’s so darn cute & this is going to Malcolm’s teacher.)  Anyways, each page has a little message.  Merci, Mme!

Used:  White CS, Always Artichoke DSP, Basic Black CS, PP from Dollar store, Circle Punches, Coluzzle, Circle of Friendship Stamp Set, Versa fine Ink.

Audrey Needs a Clutch Purse

The Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, #26, this week, was ‘My Fair Lady’.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the whole movie, just a bunch of memorable clips.  

As for my submission to this challenge, um, I’m not sure what I think about how it turned out or if it’s really all that linked to the movie.  With that in mind, when I watched the clip of Audrey in the ball room, I thought, where’s her purse?  Audrey, where’s your purse!?  You need a clutch purse with that gown.  So here’s my Clutch purse for Audrey.  

Here’s how I made the purse.  No template, just a “W”-folded piece of CS, cut with an oval Nestie:

Cut a few more ovals & used some metal frames for the handles:

The metal embellishments were cut with the cuttlebug Die (2×2 Vintage) from a coke tin aluminium & I stuck it on with Glossy Accents Glue.  The top is just velcro’d together.

The inside is on of my favourite gifts … a gift card from Starbucks.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Timmies coffee, but oooooo those Vente Mocha Lattes … ah man, it makes a great gift!

The back, needed another oval Nestie cut to hid the bottom part of the metal frame:

Used:  White CS, Black CS, glossy CS, Coke Tin Aluminium, Cuttlebug Die (2×2 Vintage), Cuttlebug Embossing Folder, Nestabilities, Glossy Accents Glue, Metal Frames, Velcro Adhesives, Word Window Punch, Sticky Tape, .

Accidental Template

So I was messing around in Illustrator today, practicing with the Pen Tool a bit more, trying to make some kind of flower, but it looked more like a basket template to me, so I went with that instead.  ’Nuf Computer time, move onto craft table.

I printed it out on PP (set your printer to “fast draft” or some kind of light printing, so you barely see the tracing lines, unlike my basket :)  Score, & cut & Bob’s Yur Uncle.  

I used Tombo Glue to hold it together.  You can see the really heavy print out lines on the inside, but ya know what, stuff it full of goodies & I’m hoping the recipient won’t notice.  

There’s the bottom, just a basic hexagon:

Embellish & add goodies:

Used:  Making Memories Antique Copper Brads, Offray 1/4″ Ribbon, Yummy Stamp Set SU, Always Artichoke Ink, Glossy CS, Green Tea SU DSP, Oval Nestabilties, Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edge Punch, Tombo Glue, Printer.