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Paper Lanterns

It’s a blog hop from Creations by AR! That was my take with the new Enchanted Lantern Template.  Yes, that’s right, Adela is giving away the Enchanted Lantern Template.

Here’s a few more pics of the Lantern!

Put a battery operated tea light in … no flames with paper & check it out:

I love the details that Adela puts in her designs:

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

Come check out what the Design Team girls have made with this new Template:


Amy {you are here}




Sue M


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Tea Light Upcycled

This week’s 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d210, “Out with the Light, In with the Holder”, is making a little tea light photo holder.  You could use this holder for a party for place cards or for business cards or for photos. {That’s a baby photo of my middle guy, Malcolm, what an easy going baby he was}

Several years ago, I had an impulse buy while in the check out line at IKEA.  100 tea lights for $2 or something like that.  I still have a bunch of these tea lights about the house.  Once they have burnt out, I normally toss the tin in the recycle.

This time I easily cut the tin in two pieces with scissors.  An idea that I saw floating around a while ago & thought it was brilliant.

Adhere the bottom of the cut sides together, leaving the rounded top part open to insert a photo.

In 30 seconds, you have a simple recycled holder.  I think I’ll use this one at the preschool for Clifford’s 50th birthday party.

Golden Eggs: No Goose Required

This week’s 3D Tuesday Challenge from Paper Craft Planet, 3d209, “Golden Eggs:  No Goose Required”, is embossing Easter Eggs.

The first thing we need to do is to empty out the egg.  You can save the egg innards for Easter baking.  Pin prick both sides of an egg with a push pin.  If you use a band aid the egg won’t crack as easily.  Then “scramble” the inside of the egg with a skewer.  Be sure to scrape down the sides.  You may need to make 1 side of the pin pricks a bit bigger to do this.  Then, blowing on the small hole side towards the bigger opening, just blow the egg out.

Alright, with the cleaned egg (don’t forget to rinse it out).  Poke the skewer through.  Have your ultra thick embossing powder, versamark ink pad & heat tool at the ready.

It helps to have an extra set of hands … Use either alligator clips or maybe a clamp.  This handy dandy little tool, I borrowed from my rocket ship making DH.  He bought the Magnifying Glass Clamp Tool at a Hobby store.  I think it’s a Jewelers Tool, but it’s a great little tool.  I covered the magnifying glass with tin foil so I didn’t get any embossing powder on it.

If you don’t have one of those handy tools, just use a skewer.  Remember the heating tool heats the egg up … it gets quite hot.  Be careful.  Emboss as you would any other project.  Roll on the versamark ink pad & shake the powder over top.  You may need to heat it once, let it cool down & then repeat.

It works well when it is clamped.

If you are doing it without clamps, maybe try it in 2 sections, to avoid being burnt.

Now, if you were like me & had a bit of a bigger hole in the end of the egg, no problem just cover it with a button or sequence or whatever.

If you cover it with a button, you could hang it from a thread.

Right about now, is when you hear your kids saying, “k’y try, k’y try?”   Embossing an Easter Egg is NOT a kid approved craft.  Therefore, here’s a bonus 3D Challenge. The second part, you can get your kids to do on their own … Temporary Tattoos.

So while you are embossing your eggs, let your kids at the tattoos.

Simple & such a cute result.

Liam was home sick the other day & when the medicine kicked in, he was feeling a bit better & he went to town while I was embossing golden eggs.

Either way of embossing eggs, have with fun with it.  Maybe even combine the two methods.  There are some cool silhouette temporary tattoos out there that would look great on an embossed egg.

Put the Bunny in the Box

This week’s Tuesday 3D challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d207, is an Easter Bunny Basket.  I’ve been doing some work at the preschool lately & looking up crafts for kids … FUN!  This one I found, although, I do no believe the little ones have the dexterity to cut out this bunny … but it would be fun to give them little treats in it!

It’s a free template from the Easter Colouring blog.

It fits “two egg size” worth of treats.

I added a few details to the template:  the interior pink of the ear and the belly.  It’s quite cute without, so wherever you want to take the template is up to you.

Hope you have fun with this one.

Shamrock Ribbons

Top o’ the Morning all!  this week’s Tuesday 3D challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d206, Ribbon Shamrocks, is a simple sweet ribbon weave I saw at Potlucks on the Porch.  They used these little Ribbon Shamrocks for barrettes in little girls hair-so sweet- and as a garland for the fireplace mantle.

For detailed instructions on how to make these ribbons, check out POTP, but essentially it’s 6 pieces of ribbon, either glued or taped and a fold to make 3 mini hearts.  The mini hearts are then glued together for the shamrock.  I’m thinking napkin rings, on a vase, as a broach … the possibilities are endless.

and that’s about all …

Have fun & if you upload your version of a Shamrock Ribbon at Paper Craft Planet, be sure to tag it with 3d206 so I can find it & put it in the album.

Garland: Simply Valentine Style

Welcome to another 3D Challenge with Paper Craft Planet.  This week’s crafting, 3d199, is simple and sweet for Valentines.  It’s an old fashioned Garland.

You can cut out hearts by hand, with a paper punch or with a digital cutter.  I thread mine with kite string.

I’m not great with scissors, so I drew a quick svg for the digi cutter.  Here’s my SVG, you can download it here, or you can bring it out to cut it by hand.

It’s a quick, easy, craft that is a simple decoration to any home.

Simple & one of those crafts you do while watching tv in an evening.

Give it a go, and upload your project to Paper Craft Planet. Don’t forgot to tag your photo with 3d199, so everyone can see it.

Superbowl Party Prep

Happy New Year!  It’s time for a Tuesday 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet.  This week, 3d197, it’s January & that means Football!

Now, being Canadian, with the NHL strike, thankfully we still have minor league OHL as well as my boys house league hockey.  However, for the big leagues, there is still football.  January football is Playoffs, so lets start prepping for Superbowl parties.

We’re making the uprights to decorate a table.  I’ve seen many versions of goal posts & since I had these supplies around the house, I went with the PVC 1″ pipes version.

If you don’t have the PVC pipes around, just pop over to home depot & they’ll cut it for you … much more straight, that I could saw.  It’s under $5 worth of supplies.

I didn’t glue them together, they stick together quite well.

For the base, I used an upside down candle holder.  It’s pretty heavy … I made it years ago at a pottery class.

I had some left over yellow enamel paint from my painting a shield for son’s “Link: legend of Zelda” Halloween costume.

It only took 1 coat, I just made sure it went on fairly thick over the barcode stamps.

Now what is it missing … ah yes, pennant flags, bunting, whatever you want to call it.  I stayed up a little late at night to draw up some svgs & then cut them out … I’m not great with scissors so it was worth the 20 minutes in illustrator.

If you’d like a copy, here’s a jpg to print out or you can download svgs here as circles, triangles, & stars.

Ah yes, this is better …

Yes, I do know that the Pittsburgh Steelers did not make the playoffs, but we are still big fans here, so we’ll save this toque & bunting for next season!

** Update 01-01-2013, 3pm ** I heard there are other football fans out there–who knew–for those who mentioned the Texans, here you go.





Creations by AR, Christmas Days: Day 7

From December 6 to 15, the Creations by AR Design Team has been sharing ideas for presenting holiday gifts using templates from Creations by AR!  Everyday for ten days, our designers will bring inspiration to you with our holiday projects. Join us daily at our FaceBook Page or at our group on Paper Craft Planet.

DAILY PRIZE GIVEAWAY: One winner each day will receive one template of their choice. The Daily Prize winner will be chosen from comments left on the designer’s blog. Winners to be announced the following day on the AR FaceBook Page and AR Group on PCP.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: One random winner will be chosen to receive ONE TEMPLATE A MONTH FOR SIX MONTHS beginning January 2013!  The Grand Prize Winner will be randomly chosen from comments left on the AR FaceBook Page and AR Group on PCP.  Winner to be announced December 16.

The template from Creations By AR that I chose was the Totally Tote-Able.  With the freezing rain storm we’ve had here, I was inspired to make an icy look, by adding glass beads.  I also punched out the bottom of the template and added some holly leaves at the top.  Quick & easy.

With all of the baked goods & sweets being given out, I think this would come in handy!

Hazelnut dark chocolate … all wrapped up.

Thank you for joining me on Day 7!  Lisa is up next hosting Day 8 on December 13th.  Just click HERE to find her Christmas Days projects featuring another fun template from Creations By AR!

Oh Dear, Blitzen!

It’s time for the Tuesday 3D Challenge Group project, at Paper Craft Planet.  I’m hoping you will view this as a fun Christmas/Winter craft, after all, no animals were harmed in the making of the project.

I’ve seen quite a few free versions of a paper deer/animal head craft.  This is an amalgamation of a few that I liked, with modifications, that my sons & hunting hubbie all approved.

You could of course add colour & add it to a gift box or a wine bottle maybe:

It’s a pretty simple piece of construction.

Make something & add it to the gallery at Paper Craft Planet, with the tag 3d192 & I’ll find it & put it in an album for all to see.

If you’d like to print out the Deer, here you go, 8 1/2 by 11″.  Be sure to cut 2 of the head & ears & yolk (the pink):

If you feel like following the ramblings of a mum of 3, who was multi-tasking with French Devoirs and trying to write up instructions … good luck:

Oh yes, you’ll need the plaque.  I cut it twice, sized it just a bit bigger the second time for a matte effect.

If you’re like me & enjoy using Scalable Vector Graphics … Here ya go, you can download them here:

Ears & Head SVG

Antlers SVG

Plaque SVG

New Template Release: Home for the Holidays!

Hey there’s a new template release from Creations By AR!

It’s a “Home for the Holidays” Blog Hop at Creations By AR & the DT girls have each made a HOUSE BOX and ORNAMENT
for you to celebrate the new template release.

We will have some LUCKY WINNERS! How do you Win? Well, one random comment from each group listed below will be chosen to receive the new template. The more you comment, the greater your chances!

AR Design Team

Visit and comment at each blog – one winner chosen from the AR Team

AR FaceBook Page

One winner chosen from a comment on the AR FaceBook Page.

AR Paper Craft Planet Group

The third winner will be chosen from the comments left at on Paper Craft Planet.
WINNERS will be announced Monday, Nov. 19

Here’s my take on the template:

The template ornament house opens up to hold a treat inside.

Chocolates, peppermints, earrings ;)   Something for the teachers or that friend who is always there for you.

Come check out what everyone else has made with the template:

The Design Team:

Adela Rossol

Amy {that’s here}

Julia Aston

Lisa Somerville

Lori Brown

Lyn Bernatovich

Magdalena Cortez

Patti J. Gilliam

Sue Kment