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Spooky Treat Bag

Had to give this cute idea from Adela a try. Paper Craft Planet’s 3D Tuesday Challenge group, 3d79 is a Halloween treat bag.
Love this idea. You could easily make up a bunch for a classroom OR a handful for those extra special tricker-treat’rs.

The thing I really loved about this little treat bag is the way it secures shut, by the chimney …

The Windows were freebie SVG’s from Kristina Werner.

The trees, although I drew up in Illustrator & converted to an SVG, was an idea I originally saw over at svgcuts.

Be sure to check out other fun interpretations over at Paper Craft Planet.

Glazed Washers

Okay, I have to say when I saw this week’s 3D Tuesday Challenge, I was a bit skeptical.  I dunno if mine will turn out, but I had most all the supplies, so why not give it a go.

After working on it, I have to say, I LOVED THIS challenge!  Paper Craft Planet’s 3D68, “Washed Away” challenge from Silvia was so much fun!  I am a bit of an impatient person, so waiting for the glue to dry was difficult for me.  I followed the directions pretty closely, except instead of glueing the paper to the washer & then waiting, I just used the diamond glaze to glue the paper to the washer & then the glaze on top at the same time.

I cut my patterned paper with 2 round nestabilities that best matched the washer (easy-peasy!), so really, like I said the hardest part of this craft was WAITING a day for the diamond glaze to dry.  You can see my washer balanced on an empty thread bobbin here …

But look how it turns out!

Now, I must admit, I didn’t have ALL of the supplies.  I didn’t have a clasp, so I just made a slip knot in the leather cording.  I like it like that too, because it’s adjustable.  Just tie two knots and then it slides, but because of the leather, it holds in place.

Don’t forget to trim the ends.

Check out the 3D68 album for more inspiring washer necklace patterns.

Thanks, Silvia for all the links over at Paper Craft Planet’s 3D Tuesday group.

Carrousel Mobile

This week’s Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, #85, is the lovely musical State Fair.  I adore musicals.  I think it started when I saw those classics on TV as a kid (Wizard of Oz, South Pacific, Grease … ).

It was a lazy, rainy day here, and I was looking at the movie on You Tube & thinking of fun summer Fairs & I thought I’d make a Mobile:

Not too fancy.  I looked online at many different well balanced mobiles & the math behind it, but then I cheated & just went with easy.

The top of the carrousel is a circle cut out of American Crafts HEAVY Glittered CS.

Cut into a “pac man” shape. :D

And then pull the circle in & adhere so it becomes kind of a cone shape.

Then some scalloped punch action.

Adhered with tape.

I could have left it there, but being that it was a mobile & you would see the ugly under side of that, I cut out two more circles.  The larger of which, I cut some darts/fringes.  The smaller circle was the one I used to hang the ribbon on, so it was just easier for me if I did that separately.

Some seldomly used, but loved Sizzix Die Cuts.  I love these old things, they can cut through fabric, heavy CS … no problem.

My CS, was 1 sided glitter, so I flipped the paper & cut it twice, in order to tape the two haves together & have a place to hide the ribbon coming down.

My youngest was watching me pain-stakingly cut little triangles … “MUM, why not use the star punch, it has triangles on it”.  BRILLIANT CHILD OF MINE.  Simple is best, wtg Liam, you just saved me a bunch of tediousness.

The “chain” was from the Dollarstore, I think it was meant for making jewelry.  I tied a knot in it so that it stayed in place.  The knot is hidden anyway.

Chairful Day

I must say, one of my favourite weekly challenges is Paper Craft Planet’s 3D Tuesday Challenge.

I have a thing for little boxes.  Little favour boxes, little gifts to hold handmade goodies or just to dress up a little something.

This chair favour box is this week’s 3D67 challenge from Paper Craft Planet.  Adela, of Creations by AR, provided the template for free this week.  Couldn’t you see this dressed up a bit for a wedding or as a shower favour box?

Girly Box

Time for a challenge from The Cinema Saturday Creative Folks.  This week, #82 is the 2010 movie of Alice in Wonderland.  I really wanted to make a teapot for this one, but I can’t wrap my head around the template that I have in my brain.  I have a request into a friend who is a template making guru, so I’m hoping she can make it.  IN the mean time, I just made a VERY quick dress favour Box in illustrator & cut out on my small Cricut machine with the help of Sure Cuts a Lot Software.

Nothing fancy, but I think it would be cute for bridal showers or a little girls party.

For now, I just put in a bit of … what else … tea.

Here’s the template, if you want.  2 of my 3 kids think it looks more like a bear or mickey mouse ears, but they’re tough on me at times.  My middle son thought it definitely looked like a dress … Somebody’s getting a raise in their allowance :D

Origami for Dad

This weeks PaperCraft Planet’s 3D challenge, from Adela, 3D63 is this cute Shirt & Tie Gift Bag!

Paper Craft Planet 3D63 Challenge!

Father’s Day Origami Gift Bag

The easy to follow origami steps for this bag are from Origami Club.

Don’t forget to check out other fun interpretations of this shirt gift bag over at Paper Craft Planet’s 3D63 album!

Morning Coat Tag

Time for Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, #80, Becoming Jane.

I wasn’t sure what to make for this challenge, but I ended up with a wine tag.  Lots of impromptu parties this time of year & always good to have on hand.

Could you tell what it was??? It’s a Tuxedo Morning Coat (is that what you call it?), a period piece guy’s coat.

The ribbon is just gathered with a straight stitch.  Easy Peasy.

Here’s what I drew, which I actually roughly traced from a photo of Colin Firth from Pride & Prejudice.  Here’s my sketch:

Garden Spoons

I saw this really cute TUTORIAL for a garden labels over at Shrimp Salad Circus.  This is a bit of a twist on this clever idea.  The day I saw this project, I knew I had to try it.

I had most of the needed tools.  The Making Memories Stamp Die, that I’ve had for years, the mallet from the camping box, permanent marker, spoon (one of my mismached, from my drawer).

The only thing I did differently was, instead of marking directly on the spoon (attempted & didn’t work so well for me, because I didn’t use a soft silver spoon, I used the regular stainless steel spoons), I stamped on a thinner, more pliable & easy to work with piece of tin.

I drilled a hole through the spoon in order to put the brad through.

I was able to use the mallet to flatten the spoon, no problem.  Great tension release, that pounding with the hammer.

When I tried to use the dies, I think the spoon was a little heavy & didn’t take the impression of the metal die very well.  You can see my attempts at using the metal die embosser on the spoon.  Anyways, that’s when I tried to see if I could drill a hole for a brad.

I think I’ll pop by to Sally Ann or another used store for some inexpensive spoons to hammer out.  I have a bunch of herb planters.



Tool Bench

This week’s 3D challenge from Paper Craft Planet was from Sankari.  Her 3D62 was to create a Name Card Holder.

I just sorta winged it with the design, but I would say the “peg board” is 4″ tall by 3 3/4″ wide, punched with a paper piercer. The table itself, is also 4″x3 3/4″ wide, & it’s scored with a 1″ fold on each, so scored at 1″ & 3″.

I wish I knew how to pass on the svg files, but I can show you the outlines I traced.  Anyhow, trace ‘em & convert to an svg or just print em out & cut.  Someday I will figure out how to upload an svg for folks to down load, but for now there is laundry, gardening, kids, crafting, laundry …

Guy Tie

Here’s a really cute template for a Father’s Day Tie Box I found from Kimberley Morris (procrastistamper).

Kimberley provided a freebie pdf Tie Box Template here!

I used Stampin’ Up Patterned Paper, that reminded me of my own Dad’s ties.  The ‘guy’ in our family is a Jelly Bean fan, so that’s probably what’ll go in this box.

Such a cute idea, thanks, Kimberley!