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Claymation, keeping boys busy

My youngest, who turned 6 in December, got a Claymation kit for his birthday.  A couple of days ago, he & his big brother went at it.  Huge hit, I didn’t hear from them for the morning.

I thought, for no help from Adults, and their first attempt at a 40 second movie, it was pretty good … but I’m their Mum.    Next lesson, lighting.  Day of the Dinos

They’re already talking about their next film.

Totally a cool gift, if you’re having difficulty finding something for boys or girls …

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Today is my big boy’s 6th birthday.  Can’t believe that!

Here are some pics of my sweetie.  I dropped the camera yesterday & it’s rattling a bit now, not good, but seems to be ‘working’, although focus is off a bit.  Kinda’ gives the photos that ‘rustic’ look.

Love you, Liam!

His request … Mum’s Tripple layer Chocolate Cake with fudge icing.

The Graduate

Scrappy Sunday time at Paper Craft Planet.  Kim drew up a simply beautiful template & I had to give a go at it.

Here’s the template:

Here’s my go with it:

Elements are from Betsy Tuma, Carina Gardner, Emarta (all from 2 peas in a bucket) & the Graduation hat, the Mortar Board … I made up in about 5 minutes, after I realized I didn’t own any graduation elements.  Yep, gotta love those classes in Photoshop & Illustrator! LOL

If you’d like the png of the Graduation Hat … here ya go!  Mortar Board

This year: “Going back to School” Update.

This year has been a busy one, but I’m in the final few weeks of school at Algonquin College with my post grad ePublishing Certificate.

For any of you who are thinking of taking the step of going back to school as a “mature” student, I won’t lie, it’s tough. When I went to University as a teenager/twenty something it was one thing, but as a mature student, it was a completely different trip for me with my young family.

If you’re thinking about it, go for it what do you have to loose?  I didn’t get to do as much of my hobbies & crafting as I normally enjoy & my kids, DH & friends made many sacrifices, of which I am very grateful.

I thought I’d show you a peek of some of my homework &  what I’ve been up to in Dynamic Media (1 of the 6 courses this semester):


To be honest, this CS5 flash Dynamic Type assignment, I loved doing & didn’t take too much time.

I’m starting a new chapter of my life & of learning & as hard as this year was & it was Totally Worth IT!

Also looking forward to getting back to the craft room to get my hands gluey again.  May …


As I was posting this week’s Tuesday 3D Challenge for Paper Craft Planet, I noticed that I forgot to publish last week’s Challenge … Oh my.   So this is a TWO-FUR!


Okay, this week’s challenge is “You’ve Got Mail!”, 3D95:

There are several templates you can use.

Here are some you might like to see:

Amy Celona, a freebie, which I used, but changed it up just a bit.

Kelleigh, has a lovely template.

Lauren also has a great one.


Here was last week’s 3D challenge, 3d94, a party blower for New Years Eve:

Although, I didn’t quite follow Martha’s tutorial, there is one from Martha Stewart on making these party blowers.

I used light vellum, 2 1/2 x 11″ to make mine.

I used a bigger “sluppie straw”, but I think a regular straw would work, too.

So I hope you have fun with these.  I know I did.

Once again, forgive my disorganization the last month.  It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions around here with family issues.  We lost a wonderful man today, Albert, my FIL and will miss him terribly.  He was a kind & gentle father.

Hard Knock Life

So, I’m pretty sure I’m past the deadline, but it’s Thursday here & here’s my go with Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #93, Annie.  Such fun songs in that musical & this was my favourite song of the movie.  It’s drawn up in illustrator using Clarendon Type.  Quick & simple & great for a friend who’s having a rough day.

Just had to have some quick fun with this challenge because, when I was about my DD’s age, Annie was the big musical.  Here is an ancient photo of in a ballet adaptation of Annie. LOL.  I love musicals!

Reading about Hermes …

This is my middle son, Malcolm.  It is near impossible to get a straight on photo of him, so I improvise with the photos a bit.

I used the pen tool for the dotted lines & had some fun with these papers & elements from Crystal Wilkerson.


Some more plucking at the July Scrappy Sunday Sketches from Paper Craft Planet.  I suppose I should have played with the Channel Mixer to change the pics to B/W, but it was just so Emma-Sian to have the multi colours, I kept them as is!  Hard to believe my oldest baby is 11.

Papers:  Crystal Wilkerson.

wearing Red

Just plugging away at Paper Craft Planet’s Scrappy Sundays.  Be sure to check it out & have some fun with either traditional or digi layouts!

My Man

Paper Craft Planet’s Scrappy Sunday Group provided this template & I thought I’d share my go with it.  We’ve had a rough week with our car, it’s been in the shop 3 times for different things breaking on it.  Sigh.  We just gotta make it last for a while longer, ya know?  Anyways, I was a bit bummed about it and when I feel like that it helps me to think of all the blessings in my life, so this is just one of them.

The elements are a mix from Betsy Tuma & KTeague.  The papers I made using free swatches (editable repeating patterns) from a fabulous site called Pattern Cooler, defining them as a brush in photoshop and then stamping it.

Here’s the template (June 2010 Layered Templates Download by Jen Tapler and Connie Prince):