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I’ve put Pumpkin Pie on a Christmas Card.

Yeah!  I must admit, that I stay up a bit late when I find out there’s a colour Inspiration from Kristina Werner.  They are, well, inspiring.  Here’s the Coin Purse Inspiration from Anthropologie for Kristina’s C.I.#28:

I had been messing around trying to see what I could make in a christmas ornament style.  I quickly gave up the other day, because, well, it was driving me mad.  However, I did transfer that muse into this card, so there ya go!  

I also have to say, wow, tough colour combo, for me, adding in the orange with the sage/ruby thang.

Here’s the card:

It’s pretty straight forward, I’m sure, but here’s how I made the flower ornament.  I didn’t measure, but it’s approximately 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ strips of PP (12 strips).

Um, these pins, I found in the jewelry making section of the craft store.  (I was looking for hat pins & came across these).  Here’s the “ornament” I was working on earlier this week:

It’s just separated with bead spacers & then the pin is bent over.  No, it won’t mail well, I’m guessing.

Looking forward to the submissions in “Mister Linky” (I can’t say that with a straight face).  Anyways, looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with.  

Used:  Windsor Knot PP, DCWV Christmas Stack PP, Paper Company: Starburst Transit Red, Purely Pumpkin CS, Dimensionals, Jewelry pin & beads, Orange Eyelettes, Crop-a-dile, Sage Ribbon from Michaels.

Tin o’ Chocolates

I had some left over scraps of paper, so I thought I’d use them to decorate this rectangular tin I bought, as an impulse buy, while in the queue at Michaels ($1.50).

They would be great for small thank you cards, but I’m going with my standby of Chocolates. :)

So what do you need:

I don’t measure things. Rulers & I … um ya, I don’t measure things, I eyeball. So here’s the eyeballing:

The tag, I used with my old Sizzix Machine & this tag maker, good for cutting paper.

Then I used my leftover scraps & swirled some more So Swirly (S.U. Wheel), and sponged a bit too. I sealed it with Sticky Tape, ’cause man, that tape is strong. The tape was put on in a square “U” shape under the ruby red strip, to act as a pocket.

Tag in …

Tag out:

Wrapped chocolates inside, unfortunately it wouldn’t fit 9 chocolates, just 6:

This went to a buddy of mine who loves chocolate, I mean, really LOVES chocolate. LOL

Used: SU Jumbo Wheel: So Swirly, Certainly Celery CS, Ruby Red CS, Anna Griffin AG945 PP, Versa Mark Ink, Clear Embossing Powder, Cording from Fabricland (Sage), Dimensionals, Sizzix Tag Punch, Olfa 45mm Scallop Blade used in Fiskars Trimmer, Buttons, Hershey’s Miniatures, Rectangular Tin from Michaels.

Crocheted Wicker …

Saw Beate’s Be Inspired Challenge #29 & couldn’t help but play along.  I loved that wicker sleigh bed.  We own nothing wicker.  I wanted a wicker chair one time & my DH insisted he will break it the first time he sat on it.  Probably so, but it looks nice!

Beate chose the Fiona Bedding from Pottery Barn for the inspiration:

The ‘wicker’ look was achieved by kinda’ crocheting 5 strands of raffia & taping underneath.  It took me maybe 4 minutes to crochet it.  Here’s the card:

Thanks for the fun inspiration, Beate.  Be sure to check out other fun interpretations at SplitCoastStampers BIC29.  

Used:  Urban Garden PP, River Rock CS, Anna Griffin PP, Raffia (kinda ‘crocheted’), Slit Punch, Label Punch, Designer Label Stamp Set, Baja Blue Ink, Night of Navy Ink, Corner Rounder, Dimensionals.

Porcelain heart

Well I thought I’d give the faux metal embossing a go in the ‘white’.  I’ve done it before in copper & silver, but when Kristina Werner mentioned it might look like porcelain in white, I thought I have to see it!  I probably should have gone with a snowflake, but I really like this old heart stamp.  (Antique collectables s.u. retired)

I’m not sure if it turned out like I had hoped.  I punched a circle hole in cs & then folded it over, so that when I applied the versa mark ink, it only went in the circle.  This way I wasn’t wasting the EP & I thought it might have a nice effect, but I think next time, I’ll just cut out/punch out the faux Metal embossing.

Here’s the card:

Thanks for the fun, Kristina and the awesome video tutorial!   

Used:  Certainly Celery Ink, White EP, Versa Mark Ink, Circle Punch, Antique collectables s.u. retired, Wonderful Words II, 8.5×11 Rhonna Farrer C’est Deco PP, scraps from the ribbon pile, dimensionals, sticky tape, circle Punch.

Carving Pumpkins

So yesterday, we thought we’d take our time & carve the pumpkins. At 9 & 7, Emma & Malcolm can now do most of it by themselves. :) Liam, 2, had a bit of a shorter attention span. He pointed at what picture he wanted his pumpkin to look like & a few handfuls of pumpkin innards & he was off playing.

Here’s my crew. The pumpkin that’s 1/2 green was grown in our back yard.


Malcolm chose the tall pumpkin:

Here’s Liam’s that Mike worked on. It had to go sideways, because the pumpkin wouldn’t stand upright. Mike was done in time to watch NY Jets & Kansas City. :)

Here’s Emma’s. She worked for quite a long time on her skull. I was surprised she stuck at it, it was a lot of detail.

Here’s Malcolm’s Mummy Pumpkin. I’m loving the tongue hanging out.

Mine was a weird sort free hand, sorta’ scary moon face. Abstract. LOL

I then went through & pulled out the seeds. Put them in a big bowl filled with water so they would float away from the muck & skimmed off the seeds for them to dry on the rack.

Today, the seeds were nice & dry & I put them on at 375F on those pampered chef stones with a bit of butter & seasoning salt. Munch, munch, munch.

Inspired by Burton …

Okay, here’s some creative brain stretching exercises from the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge team, Sankari & Brooke.   I was totally off base with the Friday Teaser for this movie & didn’t know it at all.  

Here’s the inspiration Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge week 3:


Oh, my, I hadn’t seen this in years, so the girls provided some helpful images to go by:

Here’s the card I made & struggled with a bit, I admit.

I was floored by Sankari’s card and rather intimidated, I must say, but all submissions are welcome, so I figured, why not give it a go.  Be sure to check out the other fun interpretations at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge OR at SplitcoastStampers CSCC.  

Used:  Martha Stewart Goo Alphabet Stamp Set, Sizzix Pumpkin Die Cut, Chipboard (Cereal Box LOL), Craft Velvet Olive Ribbon, Circle Punch, dimensionals, Crop-a-dile (to punch through ribbon), Felt Brads, Clear Embossing Powder, Versa Mark Ink, Elegant Eggplant CS, SandyLion Kelly Panacci Purple Parade PP, Cornucopia PP

Jellied Brains for Halloween …

So I was surfing and found THIS RECIPE on the Recipe Link, by Micha.

Jello Brain Mold Recipe

6 small or 3 large boxes of watermelon (works best) or peach Jell-o
1 can light or non-fat evaporated milk*
2 1/2 cups boiling water
1 cup cold water
Green food color

Spray inside of the mold with a non-flavored cooking spray (like Pam).

Dissolve Jell-o in 2 1/2 cups of boiling water. Add 1 cup cold water and evaporated milk. Add food color to desired color (about 5 drops). Pour in mold and chill until set.

*Don’t use regular milk in place of the non-fat evaporated milk – it’s won’t be as cloudy and has a tendency to curdle or separate in this type of recipe. Don’t use whole evaporated milk, either, since it may also curdle.

This is what the mold looks like:

We tried using strawberry jello (ran out of peach, so hence the “live brain” colour) & peach jello combined with green & blue (5 drops) of food colouring.

Forgot to spray the pan, but it turned out alright this time:

I don’t eat jello. I like sweets, it’s just not “my thing”. My kids & DH LOVED it … LIVE BRAIN …

More Halloween recipe tryouts …

Okay, I’m trying ‘new’ halloween recipes this year, for our mini gathering after the kids trick or treat.  I just bring out appetizers & goodies & we meet outside with our neighbours.  Man, I hope the weather is nice.

I saw these MINI candied apples on Nichole Heady’s blog

They looked so cute & Nichole did include a link to where she got the recipe, but I thought I’d just try the Carmel one I have & the kids love, but on these adorable bite size pieces of apple.  What could go wrong?  LOL 

Just making a small batch today, because it’s an experiment.  So less than half of a normal batch.  Caramels & Heavy Cream on the double boiler:

So, making mini apples, hmmmm.

Okay, parchment paper ready, sprayed with Pam (I learned that one the hard way, the first year I made my Candied apple recipe.)

So, I’m spinning this mini apple, but something doesn’t look right … 

The caramel is falling off!  It has no peel to cling to.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  I only know that the coating is very thin.  I have made regular candied apples (with the peels on) for years, no problem.  MAN!

I guess I should have used the butterscotch recipe, that was provided.  Well, the kids ate the apples & the little hardened caramel puddles.  Actually when the solidified, the looked like little graduation hats!  LOL.

Okay, back to what I KNOW works … whole apples & spinning them on the stick.

Lesson learned, stick to what you know.

A lot of Lipstick …

Wow, “Choose a red, any red, even pink hues”.  I think this was one of the more difficult challenges for me, but that’s why they call it a challenge.  Well, actually that’s why they call it, “Kristina’s Colour Inspiration” #27.

Here’s the inspiration.  Aside: The nail polish thing & my overly red card reminded me of that scene from ‘Airplane’ when the woman kept trying to apply her lipstick in the turbulence & ended up with her face covered with red.  Actually, now that I look at it, we could have used white.  Why didn’t I have a cup o’ Tea before starting this?  Ah well, done now & I’m out tonight.  Here’s the Inspiration, from Essie:

Here’s the UBER RED card.  I used Ribbon to make the tree bits, nothing really fancy, just really red.  

Used: Labelicious Stamp Set, Baroque Burgandy Ink, Bravo Burgandy Marker, Cameo Coral CS, DCWV Christmas Stack PP, Martha Stewart Moiré 1 1/2″ Ribbon, Offray 1 1/2″ Ribbon, Star Punch, Buttons from Fabricland, Sticky Tape, Cross Stitch Floss (Lerman Decor 770, burgandy colour).

Thanks for the fun, Kristina.  Be sure to check out all the other inspiring submissions at Kristina’s awesome blog.  

Testing Halloween Recipes.

Okay, so Halloween, for me is about fun. We have, for years, even before we moved to our new home (almost 2 years ago) sat outside our town homes with the neighbours, chatting & giving out candy as the kids came to the door. We always had hors d’œuvres & a blast watching the kids come to the door (well in our case, the garage door where myself & two other neighbours would sit out), saying hello to the parents & offering them some munchies too. I remember the first time I asked one of the grown ups, “okay smarties for the kids, & would you like a spinach puff pastry?” “why, yes, yes, I would, this is COOL!” was the reply. It’s DH’s job to bring the kids around & my job to make sure he had munchies upon return, LOL. Our new neighbours have embraced the festivities as well, because, really who wants to sit & try to watch tv or read & jump up every 5 minutes to answer the door, when you could be out in fellowship.

This year, I’m experimenting with creepy munchies. I don’t want to have sweets, because, ya, well I’ll be tossing back those miniature Hershey’s like nobody’s business. Also, my oldest son wants SCARRY food. What? Emma is fine with the sausage rolls, puff pastry & cheeses, but I thought I’d try experimenting with what I could make that was frightful.

Here’s my go. Devilled Eggs, Russian Eggs, Eggs Mimosa, whatever you call them, but into good ole’ eye balls.

Hard boiled the eggs, & then sliced them in half & put the flat side down. I also found these Edible Markers from Wilton & used those to color in the Iris in Blue, the Blood Shot Veins in Red & used an Olive cut up for the Pupil.

Okay, so where to start, use a melon baller or tomato corer to make a spot for the pupil.

Then, use the edible makers & fill in the iris:


Pupil (halved Black Olive):

Okay, you need to hold the yolk/mayonaise/mustard/paprika mixture in somehow, and since it’s upside down, I thought I’d try a cupcake liner:

Cut the Eyelashes & curl back a bit:

Colour in Eyelashes, or maybe I should try to find Black Cupcake liners. Ah well, I’m raiding the cupboard right now.

and then, find a willing victim:

The kids were sitting on the other side of the table, just howling at their dear Dad:

“ya, it’s good, hun, taste like deviled eggs, I like the olive. I still want sausage rolls.”