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Ice Cream Cone Party Decor

This week’s Paper Craft Planet 3D challenge, 3D122 is something you can use for decorating for a summer birthday party.  It’s ice cream cones :D

I’ve seen a few different takes on this, including this one for a baby shower from Martha Stewart’s craft crew.

No high tech gadgets here, just paper & balloons.  You’ll need to make a cone shape, so may I suggest a homemade compass:

Draw a rounded shape with your ribbon/pencil compass.


Score the CS with a ruler & bone folder, or a Score Board, like the Martha Stewart one or the Score-Pal.

Make a criss cross design.  This is the most time consuming of the project, IMO.

Use Super Sticky Tape.

Match the top & secure the side:

Take a quick break to use up scraps & help make “King Hawk Boy & puppet subjects” …

Okay, back at it & make 4 more cones …

Pop over to the store & pick up some helium balloons.  If you want them to last longer, as the store to put “filler” in them & they will last up to a week, rather than 6-8 hours.  I think it was an extra 50 cents per balloon for my store to do them.  Remember … if it’s stinkin’ hot out, like a humid Ottawa summer day, put the AC on in the car & THEN bring the balloons in.  (Yes, I burst one, finding that out).

Poke the ribbon through the cone.  I used a chop stick.

Pull the ribbon through & tie.

Wanna know why I learned?  Stampin’ Up Card stock is awesome & HEAVY!  I noticed the ice cream cones would float enough to stand up on a table; however, not to float up to the ceiling … hmmm.  I wanted them to float up … what to do?

Salvage!  I cut down the cones a bit, rather than redo them with lighter stock paper.

Cone, half as high, but now they will float.

Not bad, but I think next time I will use a lighter CS & have a bigger cone.

Now, go surprise the birthday girl at camp!  Happy 12th, Emma-Sian!

July Scrapbooking Freebies

So I loved the idea from Paper Craft Planet’s Scrappy Sunday scrapbooking the beginning of July.

Canada Day, July 1st, baby!

This idea (of lining up a row of photos) was inspired from Pink Paislee.

PCP’s Tips included:

  • Use color to reinforce your theme.  (hello, Canadian Flag!)
  • Texture adds interest.  I tried to give it a “Soldered” look (& also some fun textures added in the pattern from Graphire (from design freebies called antique art collection) for the swirly design on the filler pattern)

So here is what I drew.

A Red Maple Leaf.

For my friends South of the 49th parallel, here are some stars you can use in lieu of Maple Leaves.

In Blue.

In Red.

In White.

Don’t forget your journaling!

Here’s some blocks for you to add some copy.

Have fun!