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Wine Bottle Hurricane Candle

Have you been seeing these Wine Bottle Hurricane’s around?  There are several different takes floating around & they are recycling at it’s best IMO.  I thought it would be a fun craft for this week’s 3D challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d153, is the Happy Hour Hurricane.

There are many different techniques for cutting glass. This video, from Green Power Science sold me on a technique that I felt comfortable trying.  No nail polish string flames for me, thank you VM.

Now, I did not have their cutter, but I think it is totally worth it, if you were making a bunch for a wedding or party or gifts.  What I did use, was a 5$ glass cutter that I bought at Home Depot.  It’s about the size of a toothbrush.  The problem with it, is that you need to have the cutting line perfectly aligned.  Using a water bottle holder (for a bike) to guide my cutter & line it up worked well.  You can see it in the inset of this photo:

Then it’s boiling water, poured slowly over the glass cut line & into the ice water.  I had to do this twice & it snapped cleanly & with just a bit of buffing with a file.

Now, after the sanding, you could leave it like this …

Or you could hot glue gun it!

And there you have it.  I personally recommend using a battery operated tea light, rather than a burning tea light, just because the bottle gets really hot & with little hands around … better safe than sorry.  Here it is with the battery operated light … super cute when it flickers.  It would look lovely on a patio.  You could use a string of lights & suspend the wine bottles even.  So many possibilities.

DIY Valentine Wreath

I’ve seen round wreaths made out of foam pipe covers, but who want a round wreath when you can have a heart shaped one?  DD wants one for her room too.  This craft takes under 10 minutes to make & all you need is a coat hanger, one of those foam pipes ($1.79 from the hardware store), 3 feather boas from the dollar store and a very understanding hubbie who doesn’t mind an uber girly front door.

Form the coat hanger into the design you want … Valentines … heart!

Cut the foam to length & wrap around the coat hanger.

Remove the plastic from the foam so that it sticks.

Tape the ends with packing tape or duct tape.

Okay, when I unravelled the boas from the package … they had little strings attached to either end, where the feathers strung onto.  Handy for hooking onto the hanger.

Wrap.  It took about 3 boas for me to get a puffy look.

When you get to the end of one, tie them together … the string is well hidden in the mass of feathers.

What a fun mess!

And we’re done.

Hang it on your door & see what the boys in your house think.  The girls love it.

Homemade Service Cover: Fancy Food!

I was looking online for ideas on how do dress up a dinner plate for my love for Valentine’s Day & I saw Service Plate Warmers.  My Mum used to use an upside down pot for us as kids if we were late for dinner, but you get the idea.  Even the “inexpensive” ones that you see say at a hotel for room service … 4 of those are $64.  MAN!   So then I got to thinking.  I have a silver bowl & I could pick up some knobs, inexpensive ones in the kitchen supply hardware section.

The knobs were on sale for $1.79, reg $3 I think.  The bowl was $6, not on sale.  Still you might even have an extra one in your cupboard.  It’s easier to drill, if it has a flat bottom, which I think most bowls do.

Here’s what I’ve learned from drilling metal today.  Use masking tape to mark a spot to drill.  Take a hammer & nail and start the hole by hammering before you start to drill.  DO NOT RUSH the drill or you will do what I did & scratch the top.  Crap.  Then I had to come up with a quick fix.  I didn’t have a super big washer, but I had these little metal labels.  It covers up the scratch nicely.

On the inside of the bowl, if you are week like me & can’t cut off the screw that is too long.  Use some washers to lengthen & secure it a bit.

That’s it.  I thought for $8 I did alright!  Now I just need to plan the Valentines meal for under the Service Plate Cover.