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Happy Birthday, Susanna!

Today, October 22nd, we are celebrating our Paper Craft Planet leader, Susanna Boyd’s, birthday with a week-long Blog Hop celebration that every member on the Paper Craft Planet can participate in!
Just like last year, the Super Novas got together and each made a special birthday gift for Susanna’s birthday.  In honor of this momentous occasion, we invite everyone to join in the hop and post a birthday greeting!
For Susanna, I made a Finnish Star.  There are some video instructions that I followed here.  It would be fun as a Christmas Tree Ornaments too … Give it a go!
So, join us for Susanna’s birthday party celebration from October 22nd that ends on October 28th.
Hey, if you’d like to play along and give Susanna some birthday wishes, just create a card or a little giftie, post it to your photo gallery with the tag SBOCT22 (exactly as typed).  We’ll create a slideshow on the Planet Blog post that you can refer back to.
Okay for those of you who want the abridged version of the You Tube Tutorial of the Finnish Star, here’s what I did:
6 strips (well actually 12 strips, you need two stars):
Twist, Twist, Twist:
Do it Again …
Place them facing each other:
Trim the edges:
It looks nice either way … Fun.  It reminds me a bit of those s.
Alright … go have some fun & be sure to wish Susanna a Happy Birthday!

HB SB & Bird Cage Blog Hop!

Thanks for joining AR Girls for a new release Birthday Celebration in Honor of SUSANNA BOYD, Paper Craft Planet’s Founder!

3 PRIZES of $20, $10 and $5 Gift Certificates to Creations by AR!


• Visit each blog beginning Oct. 21 and leave a comment at each blog.

Adela Rossol

Amy {here}

Julia Aston

Lisa Somerville

Lyn Bernatovich

Patti J. Gilliam

Sue Kment

After visiting each of the AR Girls’ blogs listed above, head back to Paper Craft Planet’s Creations By AR Group and


Comments will also be accepted in the Creations by AR Page on FaceBook for an extra chance at the drawing for prizes! “Like” us if you haven’t already!


Sunday, Oct. 21 (6:00 am EST) until Oct 24 (midnight)


Creations by AR PCP Group

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*** COMMENTS ACCEPTED 10/21 AFTER “hopping” to each blog ***
Okay, here’s my take on the Dessert Cage:

I cut these templates with my Cricut cutter (& sure cuts a lot software).  The SVG is scalable, so that’s what I did, I proportionately sized it down 60% for a smaller version.

Hope you enjoy the hop & thanks to Adela of Creations By AR for the awesome template!  Happy Birthday, Susanna!

I want my Mummy

Bhwa ha ha ha ha … This weeks 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d186, is a spooky one.  I had originally thought of doing a Barbie-Doll sized “Duct Tape Mummy” & filling it with Treats, which is what I’m hoping you’ll try.  Kinda similar to this:

However, if you have a life size Barbie, also known as my Dear Daughter, who is willing to help out her mum, you can try this Duct Tape Mummy LIFE SIZE!

My Dear Emma let me put plastic garbage bags around her body, arms & legs.  NOT FACE.  DON’T Do DANGEROUS things like covering up the face, honestly.

Then Carefully, a line down the back & arms … Always keep your hand between you & the life person …

Now, like I said, don’t duct tape the head of a real person.  Use one of those $4 Styrofoam Wig Heads you get at a beauty supply store.  I had to look for mine … I have 3 kids, and ya know one of them has it.  Ah yes, of course, here it is …

Okay attach the head on & tape up the lines you just cut up the back.  Before I taped the arms, I put in 2 coat hangers so that I could manipulate the arms.

Everybody pitched in to help out… they had a blast.

At the bottom, by the feet … I put 3 bags of sand to give it a bit of weight.  I used 3 big bags of Fill & 3 rolls of white duct tape … My DD is 13 years old & 6 foot tall.  This is a tall Mummy.  If it could, it would tap dance … ;)

If you don’t have white duct tape, you can use regular & paint it.  Either way, you’ll want to coffee/tea die some cheese cloth.  I left it in the coffee for about 10 minutes & then hung outside to dry for 1/2 hour … it was windy.

And then … TAH DAH …

We are definitely going to have some fun with this with the older kids at Halloween.  I’m thinking we’ll attach a speaker/walkie talkie … hee hee.


Tammy, be sure to contact Adela, of Creations By AR for your prize.

If you didn’t win at this blog, be sure to check out the other DT’s to see if you won there.

The Design Team:

Adela Rossol

Amy {here}

Julia Aston

Lisa Somerville

Lori Brown

Lyn Bernatovich

Magdalena Cortez:

Patti J. Gilliam

Sue Kment

Be well!