DH’s Surprise Project.

My Dear Hubbie’s project from his Make Magazine was a bit of a surprise to me. “You need a Light Tent for taking pictures”.

I may have grumbled a few times how “it’s a rainy day & I wanted to take a picture of a craft project & it just doesn’t look great with my flash”. I guess he was listening & saw this project & decided to give it a go.

Here are the directions by Bill Huber & Kevin Criscione that DH went by to build the Light Tent frame including the costs of the material.

Here are some handy tips by Kevin Criscione showing the results of using different Apertures, Shutter Speeds, Film Speeds, Backgrounds, Set Up, and other such details.

My littlest one, Liam is sick as a dog with some kind of flu he’s had for the last couple of days. (How do you get a 2 year old to get his fingers out of his mouth … sigh). Emma is with the neighbour girls since her sleep over & Malcolm is a bit lost with his best buddy off on a 10 day camping trip. So on this overcast sorta’ yucky day, Dad came to the rescue … “Malcolm, I need your help to build something for Mummy”.

You may see extra hands in the photos. At one point we had several of the neighbour kids checking out what was going on & could they help too. LOL

“Son, this is a LEVEL, it is VERY important, next to your measure tape.” (A father son moment only to be surpassed by ‘lessons on how to shave’ no doubt)

“Son, THIS is a drill, come give it a go” (I didn’t take a picture of Malcolm doing it on his own, because frankly I was too nervous he would loose a finger & I wanted to be at the ready for triage)

Then he filed it, painted it, glued it, and assembled it, with optional legs to adjust the height.

Here’s part of my “studio” in the basement (see the furnace in the background & unfinished walls? At least it’s MY space). Anyhow, DH assembled the frame & put it in my studio & then it was my turn. How do you photograph a light table? LOL!

He left 3 screws in the top to hold back drops & I put large eyelets in some bristol board (left over from the kids science fair project). My appologies, I just noticed that the photo below is not quite in focus. I’ll work on that LOL, not much use having blurry things well lit.

DH said he bought me some lights, but I couldn’t find where he put them. (He has taken the older two to the movies to see “Journey to the Centre of the Universe in 3D“).

I just used the light from my crafting table that I had bought at IKEA to see how it worked.

I have always have a few sewing projects on the go, so as sewers know, you always have a stash of fabric hanging around in rubbermade containers, that you got on sale & will use for some project, not sure what yet. This Chiffon has almost a metalic Golden quality to it. That oughta’ mimic sunlight!

Hmmm something to photograph. That’s not like me I haven’t crafted anything … hmmm how ’bout the eyelets, hammer, & setter, that’ll do! It’s a bit yellow, but I could photoshop it or try different lamps or a different fabric tent. I like it though.

Thanks, my LOVE! You’re the best! Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. It’ll always be sunny in the craft studio!

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