Easter Egg Decorating

Thought I’d try something new this year to make a “speckled egg” look.

Enter the S.U. Colour Spritzer Tool, like an air brush using markers. I think next year I’ll try it “not so close” to create such an intense splotch on the eggs. I might try to blow the eggs out too, but this year, all I did was to boil the eggs in water, dye, & a bit of vinegar. (Oh yes, I also put elastics around them first, as per my son’s instructions, from his Grade 1 teacher).

I dried the eggs a bit (they were still quite warm) on styrofoam, with straight pins supporting them. (I saw that clever idea in the Martha Stewart magazine … brilliant, as it cuts down on the mess.) I’ve heard that there’s a great tool for blowing the insides out of the egg … but I couldn’t find it locally. So these hard boiled eggs will get tossed out next week.

I used 2 colours: Old Olive & Not Quite Navy. I was hoping for the Robin’s Egg Look. My DH said, it looked kinda’ frightening, as he couldn’t imagine the unghastly size of a robin that would lay those. None the less, I like the colour, it goes great with my chocolate brown drapes.

a wee bit more drying … but still warm.

VoilĂ  Speckled Blue Eggs. No big mess with “toothbrush flicks” of paint. All done inside of an hour. Remember I have 3 kids pulling at me, while I try to do anything, so cut the time down appropriately.

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