Busy and Blessed Weekend

It was a busy, busy weekend, as it was for many other families, I’m sure. We had our Egg hunt before the Easter Service and it was quite funny in that “baby brother” didn’t so much find Easter Eggs as he did traffic control his older siblings treats into his basket.

Here are the kids just after we came home from Church. Malcolm’s shirt was a little disheveled & he was ready to “get into normal clothes”. He agreed to 1 picture … there ya go, I take what I can get!

We delivered little Easter Chocolates to the kids on our street. (no, this is not all of them, I just stopped halfway through to take a picture). I got the idea of the my cousin, Marlayne, who made York Peppermint Patties flowers using the scallop punch, so clever. Marlayne used lollipop sticks, but I didn’t have any so I used those appetizer forks & that seemed to work well.

We also had our annual Green Eggs & ham breakie. Well, to be truthful, I don’t eat the green eggs. It’s DH idea & he makes them. The kids get a kick out of watching him eat the Dr. Seuss classic.

Also had my birthday on Easter. I don’t remember ever having my bday on the holiday before, so it was a bit odd. Over indulgence all together. My brother & sister in law had us over for supper on Sunday & we had a wonderfully moist turkey dinner & a birthday cake.

What a weekend, what a lot of food! mmm

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