Busy Saturday

Busy Saturday.  Hockey {game} for Malcolm & DH.  After, to get our Christmas Tree, yes we put our Christmas tree after all December birthdays here, so it goes up “late”.  I love it though, makes it extra special.  

Three kids & two adults agreed on “the” tree fairly quickly & DH tied the beast onto our mini van.  I never seem to win the debate, “we don’t need a huge tree”.  Out voted 4 to 1.  

Decorating, relax for a bit & off to bed kids.  Sunday there’s an early, early hockey practice & then early rehearsal for church.  The kids are singing 4 songs.  We will be flaking out in the afternoon, no doubt.

Okay, kids in bed, time for quick crafts.  Gifts for the boys hockey team.  ”honey, no ribbons, no frilly, it’s boys hockey, thanks”.  LOL  well, hmm, something to put m&m’s in?  oooo the pillow box, oooo wanted to use that in bulk, this is perfect.  I must admit though, it was killing me not to put little ribbons or raffia on it, but boy were they quick to make.  I used my S.U. demo’s (thanks Marlayne!) video on how to make a pillow box.  I’m telling you, these were done in under 20 minutes.   LOVE IT.  DH giving it to the boys this morning.  

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