Crafts for kids.

They’re off … they’re home.  What do we do?  Only so long to toboggan & then back inside.  I really don’t want them watching tv/video all the time.  Let’s craft!  To be honest, only 2 of the kids are into ‘crafting’ & the other one, well, “I’ll read, thanks, when are we doing the gingerbread house?”  LOL  

I saw this craft in my Martha Stewart Magazine.  I thought it would be fun to have a go.  So here’s an easy craft for the kids, well, my take on it anyway.  I think I wasn’t paying all that close attention, because the tree circles had less folds than in Martha’s Magazine, but did I mention we had 8 hands at work?  

Glue (tombo glue, quick drying & strong!). Glue, skewer, + kids, need I say more?  no photos.  

After glueing the circles (carefully & really sticky) on a bamboo skewer, we dried it on it’s side (suspended between two books).  We then cut down the skewer we stuck the stick in some plasticine & TAH DAH.  The Star was added at the top of the skewer.  The star was made of 5 star punches bone folded in the centre & then glued on to the top of the skewer.

Used:  Always Artichoke DSP, More Mustard CS, Bambo Stick (cut down), Tombo Glue, Star Punch, Bone Folder, Cutter, Paper Piercer.

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