Get Well Package.

A neighbour of mine had surgery on her arm & although it was a day stay, she is a bit drugged up & without the use of her hand for a bit. I thought a care package would be in order rather than a bottle of wine (nice, try booze with the tylenol 3’s shake it up a bit with codeine & see if you can stand). Anyways, I went with the care package. I used two 12×12 Orange C/Stocks to make the box. No lid, as you can see. Tissue paper allowed me to make in in under 10 minutes (well, 14 minutes including taking pics tee-hee). I had promised Liam & another little one to go outside & play “hockey”, so time was of the essence.

Now, it needs to go in the Fridge. I need to clean out the fridge, it’s a mess & that drives me nuts. And yes, I know our family drinks a LOT of milk. (At least 4 L per day, if not 6). Homogenized for the kids (& our tea & coffee) and Skim (sigh) for us.

Why is it going in the fridge? It’s a care package of food she likes: Smoked Salmon Ring, Ready Made Salad (I think it might have had dandylion leaves in it), Blueberries etc …

I like the fact that I can take 10 minutes & make up a custom box, without having to run to the store for a bag or matching envelope whatever. Like many people I know, my mum doesn’t “get” the whole crafting for fun thing. I’m sure she would have said, ‘just drop off some groceries. What’s with the wrapping?’ You either love it and are nutty with paper crafts/scrapbooking (me) or it would be the last thing on earth you would do.

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