Etching, sure let’s try it.

Paper Craft Planet 3D Challenge!  I’ve actually wanted to try this for a while, but never have.  Challenge 3d10 is Glass Etching!  Thanks, Susanna, for the links & wonderful inspiration!

I popped over to Michaels & picked up some Glass Etching Cream.  It was $20, but I used my 40% off coupon & there’s a bunch left in the bottle.  The Patio Lantern Tea Lite was from IKEA, next door to Michaels :) and was $3.  As you can see I didn’t use stickers, I thought I’d try Painter’s tape.  Hmmm.

With punching you’re own stickers, I found putting the stick side out is less annoying for things getting stuck on the punch.  

Like I said, I’ve never tried this before, so I wasn’t exactly sure what a “thick coat” was.  Off to the garage & quickly while my youngest doesn’t notice me gone, paint, paint paint.  I think I should have made the layer thicker, but I was being beckoned.   I left it a bit longer than it said on the package, but I read on someone else’s blog that it was better to leave it 15 minutes rather than the 1 minute.  I didn’t have a choice, I had to wait 15 minute, other wise I would have had ‘helpers’.

And well this is how it turned out:

So day light lit, it’s okay for a rushed first attempt IMO.

But check it out all lit up!  Hang a bunch of these around the table…much more romantic for a backyard dinner for two.  Try to zone out umpteen kids running around, it’s more calm then.  

Used:  Martha Stewart Butterfly Punches, Painters Tape, Armour Etch Etching Cream,

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  • Well I am glad your project turned out. I tried this a few months back and it must have been a bad bottle of glass etching stuff. I got very spotty and unpleasant results.

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