Flashy Stars

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, # 34 is Ocean’s 11 … 

I’ve seen both the original & the George Clooney one.  Besides Sami Davis’ E-O 11 Song, I totally preferred the newer version.  Kickin’ soundtrack too.  :)

Here’s the images I went with to make my craft:

I wanted to make a Star Gift Book for the longest time.  I think I first saw it like 5 years ago, can’t remember, but I know it seemed quite daunting a task.  I came across this tutorial, by Kristina Werner, & Bob’s yur uncle.  It was quite straight forward.  

Here’s my Star Book, all folded up.  I used Rhinestones, which are kinda like brads?  :) Sorry if that’s cheating, for the element challenge twist, but I didn’t have enough Rhinestone Brads, so I switched just to plain Rhinestones. 

And here it is, ready to add pics & journaling.  I doesn’t look like Kristina’s so I must have messed up somewhere, but it looks like a star to me :)  First go, next time, I’ll try do to it without helpers.  I know I keep saying that, & it never happens.

The biggest pet peeve for me, was that I didn’t have double sided PP that I liked (sorry somewhere my DH is laughing hysterically).  So I glued a bunch of this cheapy single sided paper from a Michaels Bargain Bin together. So that was like 16 pieces of individual papers glued to gether to make 8 double sided papers.

Then onto the plethora amount of Super Sticky Red Sided tape that was needed to glue along the edges …  

and ya keep tapin’ along, just follow Kristina’s directions

Don’t forget to mitre the edges of the front & back cover … 

So that it has a (relatively) clean look … 

And that’s all.  

Used:  Michaels PP (Paperbilities Autumn Leaves Kaleidoscope Printed Paper), Cereal board, Instructions from Kristina, Orange Offray 5/8″ Ribbon, Super Sticky Tape (like have 2 rolls of it ready), Momenta Puffy Alpha Stickers, Rhinestones, Glossy Accents Glue, Riddinghood Red CS, White CS.

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