Mugshot Messages

Paper Craft Planet’s Weekly Colour Challenge, #22, (tag: PCPcolor22).  Black, White & as many greens as you want.  Okay!  Here’s the inspirational photo from Millie Dawson-Hardy’s UK adventure last week.

Only another couple weeks left of school in Ottawa & I’ve got to get crackin’ on gifts for the teachers.  I LOVED the Teacher Appreciation creation of Susanna Boyd “mugshot” message style, and I seem to be on a Starbook kick lately.  With that in mind, here’s what I have for the challenge.  

There are many great tutorials on Starbooks like this one by Sheila Weaver, using a pop-out style.  With her tutorial in mind, I made my star book with circle pop outs, rather than rectangle.  

Sheila’s tutorial is great, so below is just how I put on the circle pop outs. So start with the 5 Card Stocks of 5″x8″ CS’s folded every 2 inches, so at 2″,4″,6″. Then along the middle fold, place a 1 1/4″ circle punch out for a guideline and cut for even slits.

I found the easiest way for me to cut even slits is by using a Coluzzle.  You can line it up along the fold & make 4 slits:

and then you punch out the circle

Now go grab a separate piece of CS & stamp whatever design or sentiment you want (I don’t know why I didn’t use my Cercle d’amitié, sorry Madame) & put slits in that too.  I used another bigger punch here, the 1 3/4″, as a guideline to where the slits needed to be.  Punch out the circle & fold in half. 

Then carefully align the slits in the CS.  It’s a bit figity.  

Okay do that with all of the 5 CS & you have this:

Okay, so you’ll need backings to all of these pop outs.  Those are 5 of 5×8″, each folded in half & adhered to these ones.  Just put on a bit of sticky tape, about an inch in from the sides.

Stick 1 side & then just fold the other side over & it should line up just fine:

and now you have the 5 points, all with backs on them:

Okay stick those together, & it forms a kinda book, the star book.  :)  

Add your cover & decorate with pictures (Once again, I used the Teacher Appreciation creation of Susanna Boyd “mugshot” message style, ’cause it’s so darn cute & this is going to Malcolm’s teacher.)  Anyways, each page has a little message.  Merci, Mme!

Used:  White CS, Always Artichoke DSP, Basic Black CS, PP from Dollar store, Circle Punches, Coluzzle, Circle of Friendship Stamp Set, Versa fine Ink.

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