3D: Flowers!

So the kids are off from school and the first bits of living in our pyjamas and flaking around the house until noon is done.  We are biking, swimming, and on all these rainy days: crafting.

Over at Paper Craft Planet, I was humbled and very excited to be asked to come up with a 3D Challenge, 3d20, for July 14-20.  I was thinking about some fun things I could do with the kids & making flowers seemed to be something everyone could do.

Here my kids are making Tissue Paper Carnations, by a fan/accordian fold, pipe cleaner, & pulling each “petal” up.  Firstly you need to know, that my middle son, 8 years old, my reader, my blessed Malcolm does NOT craft.  Not in his younger days in preschool, and now only under obligation during mandatory grade 2 art class.  It’s not “his thing”.  So it was a huge deal when I saw him put down his Nintendo DS hand held video game to give this a go.

Liam, 3 1/2, had a bit of problems pulling up the petals, but gave it his best go & then insisted that the flower needed to be trimmed.  SHEEESH.  Perfectionist.

Emma, 10, LOVES to craft.  She is my drawer, my artist, my funny stylin’ girl.  ”Oh mum, they look just like carnations, think of all the things you could do!!”

So here’s my 3D challenge:  Make a Flower, any kind of flower.  Here are some flowers I made & some links to ‘how to’ for each.  Well, except for the first pink carnation, which is the fan fold one that I did as a kid & that my own kids worked on.  Oh yes, the mini “unique” vase I made in a pottery class years ago, when I found out that pottery wasn’t my thing.  I keep it, because my instructor told me it was too tiny & would blow up in the kiln.  HA.

Below:  Carnation, with coloured edges, by Folding Trees:  (Using:  White Tissue Paper & Lavender Lace Marker)

Coffee Filter Rose from Cassie Chappell, mommymakesroses.com as seen on Martha Stewart.  Video Instructions at Martha’s Site.  Note:  this one, although not “difficult” is time consuming & I think next time I would use paint, because I thought I’d use my Copics (R59 Cardinal & E07 Light Mahogany) & I did, but I had to buy refills for them afterwards.  It uses a lot of ink, if you colour both sides of the petal.

Stampin’ Up Daisies Die Cut:  (Using Riding Hood Red CS & a yellow felt brad)

Peony Flower, template, I just used Pink Crêpe Paper & Yoho Yellow CS, as seen on MarthaStewart:

Paper Petunia’s from Scrappy Habits: (Used: SU Flower Punch on Textured Lavender Lace CS & a Gingham Blue Brad)

Spiral Flowers from Wendy Chung at Dozi.  (used SU! Rose Red DSP) I think this was my favourite, because it was just so easy to do, no tools needed:

and Origami.  LOL, I can’t do origami.  My oldest brother is great with Origami, understanding the mathematics & patience behind it all.  Me, not so much.  But I did give it a whirl.  Here’s the link to the Lotus Flower Video tutorial.  (Used:  Origami Paper from Michaels, & an orange pipe cleaner)

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  • Awesome flowers! Your MS Rose is absolutely stunning! Can’t believe you used all your Copic ink. I don’t have Copics but don’t think I want to use my Prismacolors inks up just yet either. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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