Rose Cookies


So I was playing around in the kitchen, thinking about this month’s “sweet” theme at Paper Craft Planet & though I’d try something different with my Sugar Cookie Recipe.

I’ve seen Roses made from fondant Icing & ones from Paper Spirals. This is a twist from that using my (okay Jill’s) Sugar Cookies, with a bit of Food Colouring & rolled, like you would roll a paper rose. The stick is a bamboo Skewer for support.  (soak the skewer in water a bit)

The only difference between rolling a paper rose & a cookie dough rose is that instead of cutting it in a circle as you would paper, you just roll the dough like a sleeping bag from a strip of dough about 1″x6″ & pinch one end.  Rolling Dough is easier when it’s chilled, so cut it in strips & then roll.  Here they are sitting in the fridge before being baked.  Because they are a bit thicker, they take a little longer to bake than just a flat shape cookie.  I think I put them in for twice as long, actually, but they were on a stone, not an aluminum tray.


I did a handful of these, just to see if it would work.  My this photo is a bit pink … must remember to white balance.


Dress it up a bit so the skewer isn’t showing so much …


Here’s my out-of-focus dd snagging a cookie.  I tried to grab for the camera before it was all gone.  Mental Note:  Must keep camera on auto focus at all times.


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