Sparkly Strawberries

So I popped over to Heather’s Stamping Haven here in frosty Ottawa today & saw this BE-UUUUU-Tiful American Crafts Glitter Card Stock.  The peel stickers are Geo Shaped Sparkler’s from Stampendous, with a slight yellow hue.  Really glittery, almost holographic.

As soon as I saw glitter paper, I knew I wanted to use this Strawberry Box Pattern from PaperScrapz. I first saw this pattern a few years ago & loved it.

So the Papers are standard 12″x12″ & with the print out, you could get at least 9 strawberries, probably more like 12 if you cut a little more carefully.  Cut the pattern & then score & punch the Card Stock.  I cut out the print out first, then put a bit of “not so sticky” tape on it & pasted it to the non-glittery side.  Works better, no mess & don’t have to print out on the good card stock.

I find with this Glitter Paper, being that it is such a thick Card Stock, you need to use a marker & colour the edges so the white doesn’t show through.

Okay, onto the green stems, don’t forget to colour those edges too.

Then glue/tape the tab in place & lace up the strawberry, using embroidery thread or whatever.

I punched an extra hole in the top of the stem, so I could add a button & tie a bow.

Add your stickers or you could use pearl drops or whatever to mimic the seeds of a strawberry.

Now these little boxes are so tiny, you could put anything in.  They’d be great for Valentines for children’s classes.  I’m thinking for Emma’s class, maybe jelly beans or red hot cinnamon hearts.  I’ll have to talk to her about it.  The boys … I’m not sure if they’ll be up for making these, but maybe just eating the candy.

I thought the gold wrapped chocolates looked yummy … oh shoot, peanut butter … can’t give those out at schools, maybe for the neighbourhood kids.

Ferrara Roche gold wrapped chocolates would look wonderful too, just the right size.

That’s it … Give it a try!

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