Masquerade Mask

Well, for the first time in 78 Cinema Challenges, I missed last week’s Cinema Challenge.  Bummer.  It was a busy week here, my DD is starting to head into Dance Recital time, DH is recoperating from Hip Surgery, my youngest was involved with Collections Fairs & extra school stuff, Malcolm really wasn’t any extra bother, no more than usual ;)  It is still a busy time.  Like many others, I’ve heard of too, we are struggling with colds … hello it’s May?  What is THAT?

Anyhoo, I really wanted to give this week’s Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, #78, Much Ado About Nothing, a go!  In the movie/play there is a part with a Masquerade Type Ball & everyone has these Venetian Type Masks.  Here’s my go with it:

The mask it self, I drew, but I remember seeing the idea first, probably 4 years ago on Martha Stewart.  I think it was a cat mask, with ears, but I couldn’t find the link for it  (could only find this mask template, still very cool) , so I redrew it, with a few embellishments.  So print/cut it twice …

Okay, so convert it to an svg, cut on the Cricut Cutter (or just by hand) & you get this …

Crease along the middle fold & super sticky & sew if ya like.  It does help if you make vertical cuts (notches) along the edging, like you would for sewing a curved line.  I also super stickied a bamboo skewer to hold the mask.


Now, for the challenge requirement.  I am ashamed to say that I haven’t a clue what Parchment Paper is (FOR Crafting that is).  Is it like a Vellum?  Dunno, but I do know what parchment paper is for baking, so that’s what I used.

More decorating and it’s done.

Making masks is a fun activity for kids to do.  I’ve made them before here, like this Lion Mask.  And there are many other Mask Templates out there.  Like this one, from Colorbook Masks.

Used:  Patterned Paper from K & Company called Blue Awning.  The Bling is from Craft called Rhinestone Border Stickers, Stampin’ Up! Flower Punch, Parchment Paper.

Thanks for the fun!

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2 Responses to “Masquerade Mask”

  • AMAZING AMY! Love it girl… LOVE the mask.. Thanks for showing all the steps so we can re-create the project.. You colors are just perfect for the movie.. You crack me up with the parchment.. I love the softness the kitchen parchment gave the mask..
    The skin of sheep, goats, etc., prepared for use as a material on which to write. This that parchment paper might be used for a manuscript or document, diploma.
    Now parchment paper is more like a stiff, off-white paper resembling this material it has a marbling effect if you hold it up to the light it has a cool look. This paper can be found at any paper/craft store.

    I get excited to see your name every week.. I love everything you make… YOU ROCK!

  • shaz:

    Love the 3d craft. Very elegant and Very Shakespeare. Beautiful done Lady!

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