Tool Bench

This week’s 3D challenge from Paper Craft Planet was from Sankari.  Her 3D62 was to create a Name Card Holder.

I just sorta winged it with the design, but I would say the “peg board” is 4″ tall by 3 3/4″ wide, punched with a paper piercer. The table itself, is also 4″x3 3/4″ wide, & it’s scored with a 1″ fold on each, so scored at 1″ & 3″.

I wish I knew how to pass on the svg files, but I can show you the outlines I traced.  Anyhow, trace ‘em & convert to an svg or just print em out & cut.  Someday I will figure out how to upload an svg for folks to down load, but for now there is laundry, gardening, kids, crafting, laundry …

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