Making a Paper Frame

Well, I’m home with the 3 kids today, no day camps, no cottages, no buddies around, & a generally rainy day. Think of me will ya. The boys are making paper airplanes & Emma is drawing. I squeezed out a quick hour in the craft room to have a go with two challenges in 1. (Paper Craft Planet’s 3D Tuesday & Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge!)

The 3D Challenge, from Tammy, for 3D72, “You’ve Been Framed”.

This frame is made out of paper, using a template I found from the very clever Inna of Inna’s Creations.

The owl ‘Spin a mood’ in the middle, reminded me of those casino roulette tables that James Bond plays, so that’s where the second Challenge from Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge comes in CSCC89, Casino Royale! I don’t think the Flower is much of a silhouette, but I’m hoping I still kinda’ hit the challenge.

Be sure to check out other frame examples over at Paper Craft Planet!

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3 Responses to “Making a Paper Frame”

  • Ira:

    Oh wow Amy, what a fun card this is! Love the frame idea, TFS!

  • What a cool frame -you always seem to find such clever ideas Amy, and do amazing things with them! Love the owl spinner -wonder what it would spin for me…LOL!
    Hope you had a good inside day -*shhh, don’t tell, but I’m kind of missing the rain* :)

  • Another wonderful AMY creation.. Love you thinking on this project.. The woodgrain is a great touch…. You are AMAZING AMY!

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