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Ever done any bubble gum wrapper weaving as a kid?  I don’t even know what we called it, not a paper chain, it was just what it was.  Bazooka Joe Comic Wrapper Art, I guess.  Here’s a twist on it, for this week’s 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet!  3D74–”that’s a wrap”, baby!

Now, I made each paper chain rectangle a bit longer to have more of a zig-zag pattern, but use a rectangle shape.  Here’s mine:

and then you fold:

make a few more …

Fold, fold, fold, to have your paper links ready to chain:

Make a bracelet or whatever!  Once you’ve made your creation, be sure to add it to the Paper Craft Planet Gallery & tag it 3d74 so I can find it & add it to the album!

I made a headband with my K & Company Patterned Paper.  One of the neighbourhood children kindly lent me her noggin to demo the headband.

If you’re better with a video tutorial, there are a bunch on You Tube, but I like this one from Jenny Sunshine How To.  It’s very clear.

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