As I was posting this week’s Tuesday 3D Challenge for Paper Craft Planet, I noticed that I forgot to publish last week’s Challenge … Oh my.   So this is a TWO-FUR!


Okay, this week’s challenge is “You’ve Got Mail!”, 3D95:

There are several templates you can use.

Here are some you might like to see:

Amy Celona, a freebie, which I used, but changed it up just a bit.

Kelleigh, has a lovely template.

Lauren also has a great one.


Here was last week’s 3D challenge, 3d94, a party blower for New Years Eve:

Although, I didn’t quite follow Martha’s tutorial, there is one from Martha Stewart on making these party blowers.

I used light vellum, 2 1/2 x 11″ to make mine.

I used a bigger “sluppie straw”, but I think a regular straw would work, too.

So I hope you have fun with these.  I know I did.

Once again, forgive my disorganization the last month.  It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions around here with family issues.  We lost a wonderful man today, Albert, my FIL and will miss him terribly.  He was a kind & gentle father.

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