Ice Cream Cone Party Decor

This week’s Paper Craft Planet 3D challenge, 3D122 is something you can use for decorating for a summer birthday party.  It’s ice cream cones :D

I’ve seen a few different takes on this, including this one for a baby shower from Martha Stewart’s craft crew.

No high tech gadgets here, just paper & balloons.  You’ll need to make a cone shape, so may I suggest a homemade compass:

Draw a rounded shape with your ribbon/pencil compass.


Score the CS with a ruler & bone folder, or a Score Board, like the Martha Stewart one or the Score-Pal.

Make a criss cross design.  This is the most time consuming of the project, IMO.

Use Super Sticky Tape.

Match the top & secure the side:

Take a quick break to use up scraps & help make “King Hawk Boy & puppet subjects” …

Okay, back at it & make 4 more cones …

Pop over to the store & pick up some helium balloons.  If you want them to last longer, as the store to put “filler” in them & they will last up to a week, rather than 6-8 hours.  I think it was an extra 50 cents per balloon for my store to do them.  Remember … if it’s stinkin’ hot out, like a humid Ottawa summer day, put the AC on in the car & THEN bring the balloons in.  (Yes, I burst one, finding that out).

Poke the ribbon through the cone.  I used a chop stick.

Pull the ribbon through & tie.

Wanna know why I learned?  Stampin’ Up Card stock is awesome & HEAVY!  I noticed the ice cream cones would float enough to stand up on a table; however, not to float up to the ceiling … hmmm.  I wanted them to float up … what to do?

Salvage!  I cut down the cones a bit, rather than redo them with lighter stock paper.

Cone, half as high, but now they will float.

Not bad, but I think next time I will use a lighter CS & have a bigger cone.

Now, go surprise the birthday girl at camp!  Happy 12th, Emma-Sian!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday to Emma-Sian!

    Thanks for the reminder about these balloon cones. Very cute! Also thanks for the tip to use light weight paper.

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