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I want my Mummy

Bhwa ha ha ha ha … This weeks 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d186, is a spooky one.  I had originally thought of doing a Barbie-Doll sized “Duct Tape Mummy” & filling it with Treats, which is what I’m hoping you’ll try.  Kinda similar to this:

However, if you have a life size Barbie, also known as my Dear Daughter, who is willing to help out her mum, you can try this Duct Tape Mummy LIFE SIZE!

My Dear Emma let me put plastic garbage bags around her body, arms & legs.  NOT FACE.  DON’T Do DANGEROUS things like covering up the face, honestly.

Then Carefully, a line down the back & arms … Always keep your hand between you & the life person …

Now, like I said, don’t duct tape the head of a real person.  Use one of those $4 Styrofoam Wig Heads you get at a beauty supply store.  I had to look for mine … I have 3 kids, and ya know one of them has it.  Ah yes, of course, here it is …

Okay attach the head on & tape up the lines you just cut up the back.  Before I taped the arms, I put in 2 coat hangers so that I could manipulate the arms.

Everybody pitched in to help out… they had a blast.

At the bottom, by the feet … I put 3 bags of sand to give it a bit of weight.  I used 3 big bags of Fill & 3 rolls of white duct tape … My DD is 13 years old & 6 foot tall.  This is a tall Mummy.  If it could, it would tap dance … ;)

If you don’t have white duct tape, you can use regular & paint it.  Either way, you’ll want to coffee/tea die some cheese cloth.  I left it in the coffee for about 10 minutes & then hung outside to dry for 1/2 hour … it was windy.

And then … TAH DAH …

We are definitely going to have some fun with this with the older kids at Halloween.  I’m thinking we’ll attach a speaker/walkie talkie … hee hee.

Easy Origami

Here’s this week’s 3D challenge, from Paper Craft Planet! 3D 116.

If you’re looking for something quick to make, this is it!

think these would be fun for a patio table decoration or kids party.  Maybe something in

red/white/blue or red & white for my fellow cannuks :D

Here’s the video on how to make it.  I’ve seen many versions of this, including this one

from S.J. Renoir.  Here’s my take on it in video form:


For the large blue Grommet on the side, I used the Making Memories Grommet Kit.  Fun tool.

The CS is from Stampin’ Up!

I will admit, when I made the video, it was the first time I tried making it.

My youngest guy, Liam who’s 5, made another one with me afterwards …

Super easy & super fun.  Hope you have a good time making one too.

Give it a go (start to finish not even 10 minutes).  We’d love to see what you’ve made so be sure

to upload it to Inlinkz and link to your blog so we can all be inspired!

Cute as a Button Ornament

This is for the Tuesday, Dec 14th 3D Challenge, 3d92, “Cute as a Button Ornament”.

When I first saw this, I had to give it a go. Pipecleaners, Buttons, Brad & mini-eyelet is what I used to make this little snowman ornament. This would be a good one to do with kids, but me being a big kid, I had a blast with it.

You can use buttons & pipecleaner/wire alone or add some eyelets & clip a brad for the nose, like I did …

Share your ideas & give it a go & we’ll put it in the 3D92 Album. We’d love to see your snowmen, Santa’s, Reindeer, Christmas tree!

For some more ideas, and directions, check out Martha Stewart “how to” on Button Ornaments!

Never tried uploading a photo to Paper Craft Planet? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for adding photos to the PCP Gallery. Once your creations is in the gallery & TAGGED with 3d92, I can find them & add them to the Album! Don’t forget to link it back here to this discussion so we can all see it.

Christmas Crackers


I didn’t “do” Christmas Crackers growing up.  When I was dating my husband & met his family one Christmas (they used to celebrate early because of shift workers in the family) I was introduced to the British Christmas Cracker.  Everyone  held the end of their cracker & someone else’s & the cracking began.  We then sat around the Christmas table with the crepe paper crowns & tell the bazooka gum bubble gum corny joke that came with the treats after grace.  I still smile remembering seeing a funny peek at this family.

We, now as a family, do the Christmas Crackers.  Sometimes we buy them, sometimes we make them.  This is how we make them!


The paper you make the cracker with has to be something that is easily torn, like tissue paper.  If you use Card Stock Paper, there WILL be an accident as a determined child vigorously tries to break it & ends up flying their fist into their neighbour.  Seriously.  So this year, I’m using flimsy paper lunch bags.  Cheap & the brown paper matches the poppers.


Each bag will make 2.  Cut the ends of the lunch bag.


Trim other end.


then, trim in half.  In this photo the ends we trimmed above are at the top & bottom.


Unfold & there you have a piece of kraft paper that is about 8″ square.  The Cream CS is about 3″x5″& the candy stripped paper is about 1.5″x5″.


So take the 3×5 Cream CS & glue on either side to make the tube:


It overlaps about an inch, for stability.  You could use a toilet paper roll.  I don’t, but you could.


Now adhere it to the Kraft Lunch bag Square.




Glue Again.


Poppers.  Um, I’ve had mine for years, as you can tell from the Lewis Craft Label.  I remember buying them thinking, Do you sell them in smaller packs?  Our family isn’t that big?  Anyways, I’m sure craft stores have them.


So put in  1 cracker & decorate.  Closing 1 end by tying with Raffia or ribbon.  You can then drop in candies, little toys, maybe tealights if it’s for grown ups, whatever.


Tie the other end.


And Bob’s Yur Uncle–A Christmas Cracker.


Used:  Lunch Bag, Raffia, Stampin’ Up Merry Moments DSP, Rick Rack, Bell, Cream CS, Cracker, Treats.

Princess Snow Globe


So as my middle son is off to early hockey, my other two are quiet in the family room with the dog.  I snuck down stairs to play in the craft room.  I have no idea why I made a princess snow globe, but I did.  It was fun.  There I said it.  Yes, I am a 30-something Mum who occasionally misses the fact that her 10 year old, while still a crafter, has past the princess stage.  This would be fun for a princess party craft, not too difficult/messy for kids.

I took an old spice jar (yes, I occasionally clean up my corner kitchen cupboard), & took some foam stickers.  You could cut out some foam with Spellbinders shapes too, but I had this little castle shape.  Used Terrifically Tacky tape to adhere just the bottom of the foam.  This will be covered up with ribbon after.


I then shook in some Dazzling Diamonds Glitter & some Flower Soft Polar White Foam.  I have to laugh that I didn’t think of it before, but foam floats.  So the snowglobe is reverse.  LOL It’s kinda a white fluffy cloud above the castle.  Shake it & then it swirls with the Glitter.  Um, ya, I can’t take a picture & shake a globe at the same time, even if I put my coffee down.


Alright, ‘nuf playing, housework, kids to dance class, Christmas stuff … onwards.

Used:  Martha Stewart Ribbon, Stampin’ Up!  Dazzling Diamonds Glitter, Polar Fleece Flower Soft Foam, Foam Stickers, Terrifically Tacky Tape, White Cs, Gable Green CS, SU Buttons, Circle Punches, Bows & Twinkeltoes Stamp Set, Tsukineko Platinum Planet Ink, Pixie Pink Ink, Spice Jar & Water.

Crafts for kids.

They’re off … they’re home.  What do we do?  Only so long to toboggan & then back inside.  I really don’t want them watching tv/video all the time.  Let’s craft!  To be honest, only 2 of the kids are into ‘crafting’ & the other one, well, “I’ll read, thanks, when are we doing the gingerbread house?”  LOL  

I saw this craft in my Martha Stewart Magazine.  I thought it would be fun to have a go.  So here’s an easy craft for the kids, well, my take on it anyway.  I think I wasn’t paying all that close attention, because the tree circles had less folds than in Martha’s Magazine, but did I mention we had 8 hands at work?  

Glue (tombo glue, quick drying & strong!). Glue, skewer, + kids, need I say more?  no photos.  

After glueing the circles (carefully & really sticky) on a bamboo skewer, we dried it on it’s side (suspended between two books).  We then cut down the skewer we stuck the stick in some plasticine & TAH DAH.  The Star was added at the top of the skewer.  The star was made of 5 star punches bone folded in the centre & then glued on to the top of the skewer.

Used:  Always Artichoke DSP, More Mustard CS, Bambo Stick (cut down), Tombo Glue, Star Punch, Bone Folder, Cutter, Paper Piercer.