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Golden Eggs: No Goose Required

This week’s 3D Tuesday Challenge from Paper Craft Planet, 3d209, “Golden Eggs:  No Goose Required”, is embossing Easter Eggs.

The first thing we need to do is to empty out the egg.  You can save the egg innards for Easter baking.  Pin prick both sides of an egg with a push pin.  If you use a band aid the egg won’t crack as easily.  Then “scramble” the inside of the egg with a skewer.  Be sure to scrape down the sides.  You may need to make 1 side of the pin pricks a bit bigger to do this.  Then, blowing on the small hole side towards the bigger opening, just blow the egg out.

Alright, with the cleaned egg (don’t forget to rinse it out).  Poke the skewer through.  Have your ultra thick embossing powder, versamark ink pad & heat tool at the ready.

It helps to have an extra set of hands … Use either alligator clips or maybe a clamp.  This handy dandy little tool, I borrowed from my rocket ship making DH.  He bought the Magnifying Glass Clamp Tool at a Hobby store.  I think it’s a Jewelers Tool, but it’s a great little tool.  I covered the magnifying glass with tin foil so I didn’t get any embossing powder on it.

If you don’t have one of those handy tools, just use a skewer.  Remember the heating tool heats the egg up … it gets quite hot.  Be careful.  Emboss as you would any other project.  Roll on the versamark ink pad & shake the powder over top.  You may need to heat it once, let it cool down & then repeat.

It works well when it is clamped.

If you are doing it without clamps, maybe try it in 2 sections, to avoid being burnt.

Now, if you were like me & had a bit of a bigger hole in the end of the egg, no problem just cover it with a button or sequence or whatever.

If you cover it with a button, you could hang it from a thread.

Right about now, is when you hear your kids saying, “k’y try, k’y try?”   Embossing an Easter Egg is NOT a kid approved craft.  Therefore, here’s a bonus 3D Challenge. The second part, you can get your kids to do on their own … Temporary Tattoos.

So while you are embossing your eggs, let your kids at the tattoos.

Simple & such a cute result.

Liam was home sick the other day & when the medicine kicked in, he was feeling a bit better & he went to town while I was embossing golden eggs.

Either way of embossing eggs, have with fun with it.  Maybe even combine the two methods.  There are some cool silhouette temporary tattoos out there that would look great on an embossed egg.

Put the Bunny in the Box

This week’s Tuesday 3D challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d207, is an Easter Bunny Basket.  I’ve been doing some work at the preschool lately & looking up crafts for kids … FUN!  This one I found, although, I do no believe the little ones have the dexterity to cut out this bunny … but it would be fun to give them little treats in it!

It’s a free template from the Easter Colouring blog.

It fits “two egg size” worth of treats.

I added a few details to the template:  the interior pink of the ear and the belly.  It’s quite cute without, so wherever you want to take the template is up to you.

Hope you have fun with this one.

Monday Tutorial: Hot Fix Swarovski Rhinestones

Here’s a Monday Tutorial for Paper Craft Planet & it’s “Hot Fix Swarovski Rhinestones”.

If you had asked me 4 months ago what a Swarovski Crystal was I would have turned to Google for the answer.  With my daughter in competitive dance; however, I have had a crash course.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think of Ice Skating Costumes & how they twinkle.

Now I can’t show you any of DD’s costumes … yet … but here’s something we will make, it’s a little Swarovski Bracelet.  After you learn the technique & see how it is brighter than any other Rhinestines you will be hooked!

I have a bunch of different sizes that I store in mason jars.

You can buy smaller packs of 22 from Michaels (regular $6, I think, but there are  coupons).  I bought mine at a high end fabric store that caters to the bling. 100 (of the ‘20 size’) for $19, on sale for $17.

Once you plug it in, please, please, please, be careful with this.  It gets hot, really, hot.  Hot enough to melt glue through a stone.

There is no messy glue.  It comes pre-glued & that’s why you need the heat tool.

I keep a pin handy for keeping the stone in place.  I have changed my mind of where I wanted to place a crystal & I just reheat the glue with the tool & move it.  No problems.

I though about putting these on a chiffon scarf for a watch wrap, but then I thought I’d use this old belt, that I cut down to fit my wrist.

Figure out your pattern.  If you draw something with illustrator using the path tool & brushes you can have a map of dots draw out, that you can then punch out.  If you are filling it in as much as you can, it’s pretty straight forward.

Now just have some fun, almost a meditative process.

And Bob’s Your Uncle … from boring to Bling.

I am wearing this with a lovely pair of yoga pants right now … :D

Here’s the “back”, I kept simple.

Hope you have fun with this!

Shamrock Ribbons

Top o’ the Morning all!  this week’s Tuesday 3D challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d206, Ribbon Shamrocks, is a simple sweet ribbon weave I saw at Potlucks on the Porch.  They used these little Ribbon Shamrocks for barrettes in little girls hair-so sweet- and as a garland for the fireplace mantle.

For detailed instructions on how to make these ribbons, check out POTP, but essentially it’s 6 pieces of ribbon, either glued or taped and a fold to make 3 mini hearts.  The mini hearts are then glued together for the shamrock.  I’m thinking napkin rings, on a vase, as a broach … the possibilities are endless.

and that’s about all …

Have fun & if you upload your version of a Shamrock Ribbon at Paper Craft Planet, be sure to tag it with 3d206 so I can find it & put it in the album.

Save the Tin

This week’s 3D Challenge from Paper Craft Planet 3D 179, is a twist on an old favourite.  We’ve altered tins before, with 3d147, 3d76, 3d73, 3d33, 3d1,  There may have been more as well I’m sure, but those are the ones that come to memory right now.  This take on a tin alteration is a bit different in that it uses fabric as a method for closing the top.  I saw this idea originally on Pinterest, from MissPetel.

You’ll need some material …

Clean the tin, but to make it easier, just keep the wrapper & use that to measure how much paper you’ll need to cover the tin.

The one difference I did with the tin, is to attach the fabric right to the bottom.  I liked the inside of the tin being lined so that cookies or treats will not crumble as easily.

Okay that’s in there snug …

Tidy it up a bit & add your cookies!  Have fun!

Fran•táge: Bronzed Mica Fragments

It’s another Fran•táge Friday at Paper Craft Planet, brought to you by Stampendous.

This week’s technique, using the new Fran•táge line of stamps, is having some fun with the new Fran•táge Bronzed Mica Fragments.  I am totally taken with these metallic embellishments & stamps.

First, the stamps. I used Friendship Assortment Perfectly Clear Stamps and the Fairy Queen Clear Stamp Set.  Other supplies included a Paper Doily, &  a box of chocolates.  And do no forget the Bronzed Mica Fragments.  Ooh la la, I love that stuff.

Okay, let’s get started:

Emboss the doily.  If there’s some unwanted stray embossing powder, just remove the it with a brush before you heat set it.  It does help if you rub the doily with a dryer sheet or an embossing buddy to cut down on the static & have a nice clean image.

Paper doilies are delicate so I found it handy to use a clipboard when you heat set the embossing powder.

Okay, now brayer that doily.  I used a celery colour.

Glue the doily to the box AND also glue (I used Crystal Effects Adhesive) to the top so you can adhere the Fragments.

Brayer a Doily for the bottom of the box too.

Okay, after shaking & gently tapping the Bronze Fragments onto the box, you’ll want to pump up the image a bit.  So stamp & emboss a few more of the Fairy image & cut it them out to layer onto the box with dimensionals.

And there ya go, a simple box of chocolates becomes simply fun.

My rainy day photos don’t do the Bronzed Mica Fragments justice — they absolutely sparkle!

After making this project, I wanted to do more with these Bronze Fragments.  I walked around my home & looked at everything I could glitter up.  I found a little inexpensive glass vase in a drawer.

I put Glossy Accents glue & made a thin coat onto the glass.  Then I sprinkled the

Bronze Mica Fragments on.  Then I covered the fragments with a hi-lustre Mod Podge.  I balanced the vase on a screw driver to dry.

While the vase was drying I used the Friendship Assortment Perfectly Clear Stamps on celery paper & adhered that to some cork punched with a grommet.

And a blah vase becomes something that I love to have out in my home.

And that’s this week’s “Flowers & Chocolate” Fran•táge Friday … fun with doilies & Mica Fragments.

Want to win some free stamps? Leave a comment AT PAPER CRAFT PLANET before September 23rd, Eastern Time. After that, we’ll pick a winner through and announce that lucky duck on the next Fran•táge Friday.

Bonne Chance!

Thanks so much to Stampendous for sponsoring this fun event!

The Graduate

Scrappy Sunday time at Paper Craft Planet.  Kim drew up a simply beautiful template & I had to give a go at it.

Here’s the template:

Here’s my go with it:

Elements are from Betsy Tuma, Carina Gardner, Emarta (all from 2 peas in a bucket) & the Graduation hat, the Mortar Board … I made up in about 5 minutes, after I realized I didn’t own any graduation elements.  Yep, gotta love those classes in Photoshop & Illustrator! LOL

If you’d like the png of the Graduation Hat … here ya go!  Mortar Board

Quick Patio Lanterns

This week’s 3d Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3D 120, is Mason Jar Patio Lanterns.

We had a street party here last week & I wanted to dress up the front with some patio lights.  This was a relatively quick & inexpensive way to do it.

The mason jars, at regular price here are $7 for a douzen, I think, but you can get them on sale.  Tea lights, from Ikea, super cheap & I have more tea lights than I know what to do with more.  Besides that you’ll need some kind of piercer (I used a punch) & wire.  C’est tout!

Take the mason jar apart and remove the flat lid part.  Punch/pierce the rim lid twice at opposites sides.

Measure off some wire, about 10″.   Don’t use soldering wire, which I mistakenly first tried to use.  Man that stuff just falls apart.  To be truthful, the soldering wire wasn’t labeled LOL, but I figured that one out pretty quickly.

You only need a bit of wire poking through on the inside.

Then just screw on the lid onto the jar.

Do the same with the others.  You could decorate with tissue paper, if you’d like coloured lights, but I like them simple.

Recruit helpers to add tea lights.

And one more long wire to string along like a garland so the lanterns can hang evenly.

They were a hit!  I never worried about the lights, because tea lights last an hour or so & then they just melt off.

Be sure to give this one a go.  It’s a fun & inexpensive way to dress up the night Patio.


Here was a quick challenge from PaperCraftPlanet’s Scappy Sunday folks.

Week 1: challenge –> Scraplifting

I chose to scraplift a beautiful page from the Scrapbooking Guru, Ali Edwards.  Ali had a traditional scrapbook page, which she stitched on the number & I went with a digital adaptation.

I still much prefers her layout; however I loved the idea of scrapping the grown ups in the family & a snapshot of us.  I took these photos with my iPhone on our  way to church yesterday.

The zig zag paper & dotted number I made & the freebie elements are from Chrissy (chrissyw_febfreebie_rec) and the antiques, another freebie, from Graphirehere.

Here’s a 4×5 of the numbers or you can download a free 9×11 .png (300dpi) set of numbers here.

Here’s a small version of my zig zags, for a 12″ 300 dpi band, you can download it here!

Easy Origami

Here’s this week’s 3D challenge, from Paper Craft Planet! 3D 116.

If you’re looking for something quick to make, this is it!

think these would be fun for a patio table decoration or kids party.  Maybe something in

red/white/blue or red & white for my fellow cannuks :D

Here’s the video on how to make it.  I’ve seen many versions of this, including this one

from S.J. Renoir.  Here’s my take on it in video form:


For the large blue Grommet on the side, I used the Making Memories Grommet Kit.  Fun tool.

The CS is from Stampin’ Up!

I will admit, when I made the video, it was the first time I tried making it.

My youngest guy, Liam who’s 5, made another one with me afterwards …

Super easy & super fun.  Hope you have a good time making one too.

Give it a go (start to finish not even 10 minutes).  We’d love to see what you’ve made so be sure

to upload it to Inlinkz and link to your blog so we can all be inspired!