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Tea Light Upcycled

This week’s 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d210, “Out with the Light, In with the Holder”, is making a little tea light photo holder.  You could use this holder for a party for place cards or for business cards or for photos. {That’s a baby photo of my middle guy, Malcolm, what an easy going baby he was}

Several years ago, I had an impulse buy while in the check out line at IKEA.  100 tea lights for $2 or something like that.  I still have a bunch of these tea lights about the house.  Once they have burnt out, I normally toss the tin in the recycle.

This time I easily cut the tin in two pieces with scissors.  An idea that I saw floating around a while ago & thought it was brilliant.

Adhere the bottom of the cut sides together, leaving the rounded top part open to insert a photo.

In 30 seconds, you have a simple recycled holder.  I think I’ll use this one at the preschool for Clifford’s 50th birthday party.

Custom Vase

Okay this week’s 3D Tuesday Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, is well, so simple, it’s ridiculous.  3D 203, lovely latex, is a balloon vase.

I found Curbly via Pinterest and the tutorial is straight forward & a must try.  The tutorial shown on Curbly is originally from Camilla Fabbri of Family Chic.  Holy detective work, Batman!

Alright, supplies … a balloon and a glass.  I used one of those old Bodum cups.

Cut a little off the top (at the mouth part) and then just slide over the cup.

The top will fall in on itself.  Leaving room for the stem of a flower.

Decorate, if you like, & there you go.  What ever colour to match your decor.  Seriously, less than a minute to make.  Ahhhhh.  These would be great for an anniversary dinner, parties, whatever.  Love ‘em.

Superbowl Party Prep

Happy New Year!  It’s time for a Tuesday 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet.  This week, 3d197, it’s January & that means Football!

Now, being Canadian, with the NHL strike, thankfully we still have minor league OHL as well as my boys house league hockey.  However, for the big leagues, there is still football.  January football is Playoffs, so lets start prepping for Superbowl parties.

We’re making the uprights to decorate a table.  I’ve seen many versions of goal posts & since I had these supplies around the house, I went with the PVC 1″ pipes version.

If you don’t have the PVC pipes around, just pop over to home depot & they’ll cut it for you … much more straight, that I could saw.  It’s under $5 worth of supplies.

I didn’t glue them together, they stick together quite well.

For the base, I used an upside down candle holder.  It’s pretty heavy … I made it years ago at a pottery class.

I had some left over yellow enamel paint from my painting a shield for son’s “Link: legend of Zelda” Halloween costume.

It only took 1 coat, I just made sure it went on fairly thick over the barcode stamps.

Now what is it missing … ah yes, pennant flags, bunting, whatever you want to call it.  I stayed up a little late at night to draw up some svgs & then cut them out … I’m not great with scissors so it was worth the 20 minutes in illustrator.

If you’d like a copy, here’s a jpg to print out or you can download svgs here as circles, triangles, & stars.

Ah yes, this is better …

Yes, I do know that the Pittsburgh Steelers did not make the playoffs, but we are still big fans here, so we’ll save this toque & bunting for next season!

** Update 01-01-2013, 3pm ** I heard there are other football fans out there–who knew–for those who mentioned the Texans, here you go.





Follow the Star

Well with Halloween behind us & the weather getting nippy here, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.  For this week’s 3D Tuesday at Paper Craft Planet, 3d189, Christmas Stars are in the Forum! I’ve seen many 3D stars; however this one, found on Pinterest, with a link to the instructions and template was super cute.

The template provided is easy to cut out by hand, it’s just straight lines.  It can be used with either the suggested mosaic cut outs, a hand punch, stamp it or  leave it plain.

When you have it cut out, use a bone folder & scoring plate if you have it, to give it a clean line.

Fold & secure each tip first.  Can you see where I put the super strong red two sided tape?  It’s on the side with the tapered corner.

After you have the 5 “pyramids”, you then secure them to each other.

That’s it, that’s all.  Most of the work is in the scoring, IMO.

Have fun with this one.

Happy Birthday, Susanna!

Today, October 22nd, we are celebrating our Paper Craft Planet leader, Susanna Boyd’s, birthday with a week-long Blog Hop celebration that every member on the Paper Craft Planet can participate in!
Just like last year, the Super Novas got together and each made a special birthday gift for Susanna’s birthday.  In honor of this momentous occasion, we invite everyone to join in the hop and post a birthday greeting!
For Susanna, I made a Finnish Star.  There are some video instructions that I followed here.  It would be fun as a Christmas Tree Ornaments too … Give it a go!
So, join us for Susanna’s birthday party celebration from October 22nd that ends on October 28th.
Hey, if you’d like to play along and give Susanna some birthday wishes, just create a card or a little giftie, post it to your photo gallery with the tag SBOCT22 (exactly as typed).  We’ll create a slideshow on the Planet Blog post that you can refer back to.
Okay for those of you who want the abridged version of the You Tube Tutorial of the Finnish Star, here’s what I did:
6 strips (well actually 12 strips, you need two stars):
Twist, Twist, Twist:
Do it Again …
Place them facing each other:
Trim the edges:
It looks nice either way … Fun.  It reminds me a bit of those s.
Alright … go have some fun & be sure to wish Susanna a Happy Birthday!

I want my Mummy

Bhwa ha ha ha ha … This weeks 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d186, is a spooky one.  I had originally thought of doing a Barbie-Doll sized “Duct Tape Mummy” & filling it with Treats, which is what I’m hoping you’ll try.  Kinda similar to this:

However, if you have a life size Barbie, also known as my Dear Daughter, who is willing to help out her mum, you can try this Duct Tape Mummy LIFE SIZE!

My Dear Emma let me put plastic garbage bags around her body, arms & legs.  NOT FACE.  DON’T Do DANGEROUS things like covering up the face, honestly.

Then Carefully, a line down the back & arms … Always keep your hand between you & the life person …

Now, like I said, don’t duct tape the head of a real person.  Use one of those $4 Styrofoam Wig Heads you get at a beauty supply store.  I had to look for mine … I have 3 kids, and ya know one of them has it.  Ah yes, of course, here it is …

Okay attach the head on & tape up the lines you just cut up the back.  Before I taped the arms, I put in 2 coat hangers so that I could manipulate the arms.

Everybody pitched in to help out… they had a blast.

At the bottom, by the feet … I put 3 bags of sand to give it a bit of weight.  I used 3 big bags of Fill & 3 rolls of white duct tape … My DD is 13 years old & 6 foot tall.  This is a tall Mummy.  If it could, it would tap dance … ;)

If you don’t have white duct tape, you can use regular & paint it.  Either way, you’ll want to coffee/tea die some cheese cloth.  I left it in the coffee for about 10 minutes & then hung outside to dry for 1/2 hour … it was windy.

And then … TAH DAH …

We are definitely going to have some fun with this with the older kids at Halloween.  I’m thinking we’ll attach a speaker/walkie talkie … hee hee.

Popcorn & Paper

Hope everyone is having a great summer.  We’ve been going non stop around here since June, either having company over for visits or out on holiday.  Spinning, we’ve been absolutely spinning, but in a good way.  We’ve also enjoyed a bunch of movies this summer … well except for magic Mike & my friend already apologized for bringing me to that one.  The kids have had a few movie nights with friends at the house & have a few more coming up before the summer ends.  I thought a quick & fun for this week’s 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d177, might be this cute little Popcorn Box from One Charming Party.

They (Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry) have provided a free template and detailed instructions for this fun project.  Just print & cut.  No fancy die cutting machines or intricate cuts here.

Here’s my go with it …

Have some fun with this one & remember, it doesn’t have to be filled with popcorn … this template would be great to welcome overnight guests with shampoos & toothpastes or birthday gift card & candy or whatever.  It’s just a cute template.

Have fun!

Superbowl Craft

Time for a Tuesday 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3D145.  January, in this house, the boys watch football & we get ready for Superbowl.  We are the family that brings out the little football shaped chilli bowls & Football Field Table Cloths towards the end of January.  I saw this cute post from Vanessa on Table settings for Football Parties & was inspired!

All you need is 1 piece of paper to make a little holder decoration for the table.

I scored & cut my paper at 2 1/2″ in and folded to make a box “lid”.

Rather than punch a hole, it’s better to use an exacto knife & cut an “x” so that it holds the cupcake stable.

To plan out where to cut the “x”, I used a circle template, that was later removed.  Depending on the size of your cupcake/ice cream cone you can adjust the size.

That’s all.  Pretty fast and this would be fun for a super bowl/birthday party.

That’s all. Pretty fast and this would be fun for a super bowl/birthday party. Try your variation of a cupcake holder, maybe a valentine, or a birthday theme.

Fran•táge: Enamel Accents on Christmas!

It’s another Fran•táge Friday at Paper Craft Planet, brought to you by Stampendous.  Learn something new & win some stamps … woo-hoo!

This week we’re playing around with embossing enamel.  The  Stampendous Shabby White Embossing Enamel adds a great effect especially for Christmas Crafting.

Here’s the layered Christmas ornament we’ll be making:

The supplies you’ll need include embossing enamel, Cling Jumbo Pine Drift stamp, clear Christmas Ball ornaments, oh yes & have a stash of buttons.

The embossing enamel looks great when you add small amounts on the branches of the tree.  I just painted a bit of glue where I wanted the enamel to high-light.  I also used some more buttons for ornaments on the tree.

In order to get the layered look, just stamp a few times & cut out what you want to use.  Use textured paper for a tree-like look.  I also only used part of the stamp on this project, it’s a very versatile stamp set that way.

Now take a mason jar of buttons, some super sticky tape & sit down in front of the tele for a show or two & cover the ornament with buttons:

Add your focal point and a ribbon and there you have it!

Thanks so much to the folks at Stampendous for these fabulous products and the giveaway!

Want to win some free stamps? Leave a comment AT PAPER CRAFT PLANET before December 2nd. After that, we’ll pick a winner through and announce that lucky duck on the next Fran•táge Friday.

Quick Favour Box

Paper Craft Planet’s 3D 134 Tuesday … finally … Sorry this is about 6 hours late.  I’ll be honest here I was updating google calendar with the kids rediculous activities schedule & I noticed about an hour ago that I had completely forgotten about the challenge … bad me.

To that … good news, THIS IS a quick craft!  Bwha ha.  Hopefully you enjoy it.

This is a very Clever craft from SJRenoir, which is one of my “go to” quick boxes.  There is a template, which I have converted to an SVG file so that I can use Sure Cuts a Lot in my Cricut machine.

I have an old cricut machine & occasionally have problems finding the small mats.  Here’s a secret.  You can cut a big mat & make 3 small mats …

Score …

Fold ..

Tie …

And Bob’s Yur Uncle ..

The template can be found at SJRenoir: