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Superbowl Party Prep

Happy New Year!  It’s time for a Tuesday 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet.  This week, 3d197, it’s January & that means Football!

Now, being Canadian, with the NHL strike, thankfully we still have minor league OHL as well as my boys house league hockey.  However, for the big leagues, there is still football.  January football is Playoffs, so lets start prepping for Superbowl parties.

We’re making the uprights to decorate a table.  I’ve seen many versions of goal posts & since I had these supplies around the house, I went with the PVC 1″ pipes version.

If you don’t have the PVC pipes around, just pop over to home depot & they’ll cut it for you … much more straight, that I could saw.  It’s under $5 worth of supplies.

I didn’t glue them together, they stick together quite well.

For the base, I used an upside down candle holder.  It’s pretty heavy … I made it years ago at a pottery class.

I had some left over yellow enamel paint from my painting a shield for son’s “Link: legend of Zelda” Halloween costume.

It only took 1 coat, I just made sure it went on fairly thick over the barcode stamps.

Now what is it missing … ah yes, pennant flags, bunting, whatever you want to call it.  I stayed up a little late at night to draw up some svgs & then cut them out … I’m not great with scissors so it was worth the 20 minutes in illustrator.

If you’d like a copy, here’s a jpg to print out or you can download svgs here as circles, triangles, & stars.

Ah yes, this is better …

Yes, I do know that the Pittsburgh Steelers did not make the playoffs, but we are still big fans here, so we’ll save this toque & bunting for next season!

** Update 01-01-2013, 3pm ** I heard there are other football fans out there–who knew–for those who mentioned the Texans, here you go.





Popcorn & Paper

Hope everyone is having a great summer.  We’ve been going non stop around here since June, either having company over for visits or out on holiday.  Spinning, we’ve been absolutely spinning, but in a good way.  We’ve also enjoyed a bunch of movies this summer … well except for magic Mike & my friend already apologized for bringing me to that one.  The kids have had a few movie nights with friends at the house & have a few more coming up before the summer ends.  I thought a quick & fun for this week’s 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3d177, might be this cute little Popcorn Box from One Charming Party.

They (Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry) have provided a free template and detailed instructions for this fun project.  Just print & cut.  No fancy die cutting machines or intricate cuts here.

Here’s my go with it …

Have some fun with this one & remember, it doesn’t have to be filled with popcorn … this template would be great to welcome overnight guests with shampoos & toothpastes or birthday gift card & candy or whatever.  It’s just a cute template.

Have fun!

Superbowl Craft

Time for a Tuesday 3D Challenge at Paper Craft Planet, 3D145.  January, in this house, the boys watch football & we get ready for Superbowl.  We are the family that brings out the little football shaped chilli bowls & Football Field Table Cloths towards the end of January.  I saw this cute post from Vanessa on Table settings for Football Parties & was inspired!

All you need is 1 piece of paper to make a little holder decoration for the table.

I scored & cut my paper at 2 1/2″ in and folded to make a box “lid”.

Rather than punch a hole, it’s better to use an exacto knife & cut an “x” so that it holds the cupcake stable.

To plan out where to cut the “x”, I used a circle template, that was later removed.  Depending on the size of your cupcake/ice cream cone you can adjust the size.

That’s all.  Pretty fast and this would be fun for a super bowl/birthday party.

That’s all. Pretty fast and this would be fun for a super bowl/birthday party. Try your variation of a cupcake holder, maybe a valentine, or a birthday theme.

Ice Cream Cone Party Decor

This week’s Paper Craft Planet 3D challenge, 3D122 is something you can use for decorating for a summer birthday party.  It’s ice cream cones :D

I’ve seen a few different takes on this, including this one for a baby shower from Martha Stewart’s craft crew.

No high tech gadgets here, just paper & balloons.  You’ll need to make a cone shape, so may I suggest a homemade compass:

Draw a rounded shape with your ribbon/pencil compass.


Score the CS with a ruler & bone folder, or a Score Board, like the Martha Stewart one or the Score-Pal.

Make a criss cross design.  This is the most time consuming of the project, IMO.

Use Super Sticky Tape.

Match the top & secure the side:

Take a quick break to use up scraps & help make “King Hawk Boy & puppet subjects” …

Okay, back at it & make 4 more cones …

Pop over to the store & pick up some helium balloons.  If you want them to last longer, as the store to put “filler” in them & they will last up to a week, rather than 6-8 hours.  I think it was an extra 50 cents per balloon for my store to do them.  Remember … if it’s stinkin’ hot out, like a humid Ottawa summer day, put the AC on in the car & THEN bring the balloons in.  (Yes, I burst one, finding that out).

Poke the ribbon through the cone.  I used a chop stick.

Pull the ribbon through & tie.

Wanna know why I learned?  Stampin’ Up Card stock is awesome & HEAVY!  I noticed the ice cream cones would float enough to stand up on a table; however, not to float up to the ceiling … hmmm.  I wanted them to float up … what to do?

Salvage!  I cut down the cones a bit, rather than redo them with lighter stock paper.

Cone, half as high, but now they will float.

Not bad, but I think next time I will use a lighter CS & have a bigger cone.

Now, go surprise the birthday girl at camp!  Happy 12th, Emma-Sian!


Pinwheels & spring time just go together, don’t they?  In the Spring we used to get new jump ropes, outdoor chalk, kites & pinwheels.  I guess my parents wanted me out of the house LOL.

This week over at Paper Craft Planet the 3D Project this week, 3d57,  is from Wendy, inspiring us to make Pinwheels.  I love that she used them as an embellishment on a card, so cute!  I couldn’t wait to try this, so I pulled out some K & Company Berry Sweet Patterned Paper.

I used an incredible outline template from Style me Pretty, well, to be honest, I drew it again so I could save it as an SVG file to have my Sure Cuts a lot Software cut a bunch in my Cricut Cutter machine.

EDITED:  Here is a link to the SVG I drew from Style Me Pretty’s beautiful template.  What can I say, svgs faster than scissors.

Did I mention how lazy I am with scissors?  It took me about 20 minutes to draw it, save it & cut it.  Probably faster if I had used scissors, but here’s what I had …

I made one with a brad, using my Crop-a-dile to punch the holes in the paper & in the popscicle stick.

The crop-a-dile does a really tidy punch, but with the brad, the pinwheel doesn’t spin.

So I made another, with a straight Pin, bent.

Make sure it has room to spin …

I used super sticky tape to hold the pin in place & make sure no fingers are hurt …

I covered the tape with patterned paper.

And then had two super cute pinwheels.  Wouldn’t they look great as a stir stick in a Cosmopolitan Drink for GNO?   Or party favors for a little girls party?

My Hero

Time for Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge, #68, this week is … can you guess?  Spiderman!

I got at my card pretty quick today, because well I have the Cuttlebug embossing folder for the web & the provocraft die cuts for the spider… it came with bats as well.  The Glitter Paper is from American Crafts.  What else … Red SU CS, White CS, Circle punch, Circle Nestabilities & dimentionals.  The Acetate is from packaging, but it embossed the web easily.

Okay, I think I’m ready for the next little boy birthday party or maybe it’s already gone up to Liam’s room.  We have quite a few Spiderman paraphernalia laying about the house.  Super Hero Squad mini Spiderman & SpiderGirl snuck into this photo.

Why do we have so much?  Well it started with Malcolm & even Emma was into it a bit, but now it’s Super Hero Squad Liam … “who’s gunna hero up!”  For those that have a 4 year old boy you’ll know the tune.

Thanks for the fun!

Princess Snow Globe


So as my middle son is off to early hockey, my other two are quiet in the family room with the dog.  I snuck down stairs to play in the craft room.  I have no idea why I made a princess snow globe, but I did.  It was fun.  There I said it.  Yes, I am a 30-something Mum who occasionally misses the fact that her 10 year old, while still a crafter, has past the princess stage.  This would be fun for a princess party craft, not too difficult/messy for kids.

I took an old spice jar (yes, I occasionally clean up my corner kitchen cupboard), & took some foam stickers.  You could cut out some foam with Spellbinders shapes too, but I had this little castle shape.  Used Terrifically Tacky tape to adhere just the bottom of the foam.  This will be covered up with ribbon after.


I then shook in some Dazzling Diamonds Glitter & some Flower Soft Polar White Foam.  I have to laugh that I didn’t think of it before, but foam floats.  So the snowglobe is reverse.  LOL It’s kinda a white fluffy cloud above the castle.  Shake it & then it swirls with the Glitter.  Um, ya, I can’t take a picture & shake a globe at the same time, even if I put my coffee down.


Alright, ‘nuf playing, housework, kids to dance class, Christmas stuff … onwards.

Used:  Martha Stewart Ribbon, Stampin’ Up!  Dazzling Diamonds Glitter, Polar Fleece Flower Soft Foam, Foam Stickers, Terrifically Tacky Tape, White Cs, Gable Green CS, SU Buttons, Circle Punches, Bows & Twinkeltoes Stamp Set, Tsukineko Platinum Planet Ink, Pixie Pink Ink, Spice Jar & Water.

Jellied Brains for Halloween …

So I was surfing and found THIS RECIPE on the Recipe Link, by Micha.

Jello Brain Mold Recipe

6 small or 3 large boxes of watermelon (works best) or peach Jell-o
1 can light or non-fat evaporated milk*
2 1/2 cups boiling water
1 cup cold water
Green food color

Spray inside of the mold with a non-flavored cooking spray (like Pam).

Dissolve Jell-o in 2 1/2 cups of boiling water. Add 1 cup cold water and evaporated milk. Add food color to desired color (about 5 drops). Pour in mold and chill until set.

*Don’t use regular milk in place of the non-fat evaporated milk – it’s won’t be as cloudy and has a tendency to curdle or separate in this type of recipe. Don’t use whole evaporated milk, either, since it may also curdle.

This is what the mold looks like:

We tried using strawberry jello (ran out of peach, so hence the “live brain” colour) & peach jello combined with green & blue (5 drops) of food colouring.

Forgot to spray the pan, but it turned out alright this time:

I don’t eat jello. I like sweets, it’s just not “my thing”. My kids & DH LOVED it … LIVE BRAIN …